What Does Your Hair Tell About Your Personality

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Your hair can tell a lot about your personality. When you meet people, the front side of your hair, known as the crown, is the first portion to be noticed by them. They may create an impression about your personality by looking at the crown portion, this is human tendency.

You might have wondered why your teacher scolded you often for having long hair, in case you are a boy. This is because it may create a negative impression in the school, which is a place of showing extreme discipline.

This is how hair can create a first mark on someone's eyes about you. Army men have short hair as a mark of discipline, but, at the same time, models may have long hair as a fashion statement.

This is how your hair moulds your personality. Your hair can make you look sensual and at the same time ugly as well. It depends on your hairstyle and the texture of your hair on what other people may think about you.

So, have a look at the article to find out what your hair texture and style tells about your personality.


Straight Hair

People with straight hair are more reserved, calm and elegant. They are very slightly social and are good thinkers. They are hardworkers, as they see their goals clearly. They are a bit selfish when it comes to achieving success.


Curly Hair

If you have like curly hair then you are a jolly and fun-loving person. If you are not, still it will create the same impression about you on other people's mind. People with curls are considered as wild, exciting and energetic.


Wavy Hair

They are considered as artistic, creative and fun-loving people. These people with wavy hair tend to be mentally and physically slightly active and are more of a dreamer.


Polished And Processed Hair

If you spend a lot of time in a saloon to pamper your hair, change the hairstyle and also your hair colour then you are a person who loves yourself a lot and want things to be perfect. This also shows that you are somehow self-obsessed with your looks.


Natural Hair

People who keep their hair as it is are very intelligent and like spending their time in more creative things. If your hair has turned grey, you don't bother about the world and leave your hair uncoloured. This shows that you are intellectual and a very thoughtful person.


A High Pony Tail

If you want your hairstyle to be up rather than down, this shows that you want control over things. You want things to be more organised and well planned. You work a lot in your office and are usually seen stuck to your desk.


Loose Or Open Hair

People who love to keep their hair loose or untied are free souls. They don't bother about others and are care free. They are open to new possibilities and have strong hopes in their efforts. They love travelling, hiking and going on trips often.

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Story first published: Thursday, January 28, 2016, 18:00 [IST]
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