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Things That Only Indians Do And Rest Don't

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There are many things that make an Indian stand out even in a crowd of an elite group. This is something that makes every Indian proud.

Here, in this article, we've shared the list of things that only Indians do and the rest world just does not or cannot do it, in simple words.

From being mathematical scholars to sending spaceships to the moon, we Indians have set an identity for ourselves in every field.

We are like a mix of what an individual needs to be. From getting adjusted to the humidity to facing drought, we have seen it all.

The different cultures and religions help us to define our personality, which is a mix of everything. So, find out more about the things that make one feel proud to be an Indian and check for the things that only Indians do and not the rest.


We Are Multilingual

India has over 170 languages, and it is very common to see an Indian switch different languages easily while he/she converses.


Yet, We Know English

Though English is not our mother tongue, you can hear many Indians talk in this language fluently (though, at times, with a little regional lingo touch).


Eat With Hands

This may look dirty to many people out there. However, there is nothing better than having food with your bare hands. Scientists have also proved that it is a right way of eating food, as it helps in blood circulation and also reduces the chances of burning your tongue with hot food.


Pee In Public

If you're new to India, then you would be shocked to see people pee on the road, while there are stricter rules for kissing and PDA's.


Living With Parents Is Just Okay

Even if you are 30 plus and are staying with your parents, it is all cool. Unlike other places, where the kids leave the house once they turn 18, in our country, it is perfectly fine to stay at our parent's house! Family values are important.


Arranged Marriages Are Nothing New

Getting married to the guy's mother's choice is not a new thing. Indian boys are totally okay with getting married to the choice of their parents.


Respecting Elders

You would see an Indian touch the feet of their elders and greet them every time they meet. Respecting elders is something that comes naturally to all Indians.


We Eat Every Type Of Cuisine Here

Indians can relish any type of food. Be it spicy or bland, we can eat anything under the sun! From Italian to continental, we can surely savour every bite of any dish that is given to us.

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Story first published: Wednesday, May 11, 2016, 18:19 [IST]
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