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The Office Guy Who Stole Chocolates!!

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There are times when things get misplaced at office, but do you know there can be a few people who actually steal chocolates from office?

Well, there are a few shameless nuts out there who would steal even small things like chocolates and other eatables from office desks or refrigerators!

Here, in this article, we are about to share an incident that took place in an office where a frustrated employee left a note to the "chocolate thief".

Find out how intense the argument went on, with just notes. Though this may sound ultimately hilarious, there are those strong-headed thieves who'd just not wish to budge into their mistakes, unless they are caught red-handed!

Check out this funny, hilarious note conversation between two employees; and what happened in the end will leave you in splits!


Scene #1

This employee was furious, as her chocolates had been stolen from the office refrigerator, every single time. So, she decided to leave a note for the "chocolate thief".


Scene #2

It hardly took time for the thief to respond to the note, and with his quirky reply, we're sure he was not willing to give up soon!


Scene #3

Unexpected reply only left the poor girl furious who went on to scare the thief by blackmailing him of complaining to the HR!


Scene #4

This guy had all the time in this world to click a picture of the chocolate and write this note back!


Scene #5

Ha ha!! This can seem super funny, but the girl was left totally frustrated! We pity you girl. This was turning into a kid's fight!


Scene #6

This guy was just pushing the poor girl to the edge of her frustration. She was left with no choice than to contact the HR after this.


Scene #7

So, this is what the HR did next. She intervened and wrote this note and warned the chocolate thief. After all, this is how our sweet HRs take an action!


Scene #8

The thief paid no heed to the pleas of the girl nor the HR and was still expecting her to keep a dark chocolate instead.


Scene #9

We're sure the girl would have felt like shooting the chocolate thief on the spot after seeing the person's last reply.


Scene #10

So, finally the thief was caught!!! Woohoo! Check his reply to the warning given by the HR. He had the guts to even stick the note at the last moment!

We wonder what happened to that over-smart "CHOCOLATE THIEF", after his meeting with the HR??

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