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10 Things We All Hate About Being A Girl

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Don't you love being a woman? How many of you ladies have a problem when it comes to choosing that perfect attire or just being satisfied with the clothes that you have? Pretty much all of us right?

It is indeed tough to be a woman, especially when you are Indian and left with no choice of your own to make.

In India, though it is a secular state, there is no way a woman can make her own choices without consulting her parents or the elders first.

Though Indian women are said to be modern and love to live life independently, somewhere down the lane, they have to do what is told to them by the elders, and this is rather annoying.

For example, in India, arranged marriages are the top-most concern for a Indian woman. She is strictly told to marry the man of her parent's choice and this leaves her to wonder what is so great in being a girl.

Likewise, there are other things we all hate about being a girl, why don't you all take a look at some of these things that truly annoy a woman:



Cramps, pms, backaches and the list never ends. Every month, we are destined to go through this suffering that makes us ladies feel horrible.


Child Birth:

Child birth, if explained in one word is traumatizing and painful. However, we women are blessed again to go through this endless pain.


Scarcity Of Clothes:

Even if we have two cupboards full of clothes, we'll always have nothing to wear and it's not funny! It's a major issue that only girls understand and face.



Not only do the hormones take half the life out of us, when they are at the peak, those hormones play with our looks too, making us look horrible at times.


Unwanted Hair:

One of the things we all hate about being a girl is the unwanted hair that pops up on the body. Truth be told, waxing is a big price for something that doesn't even last long enough.



This is something that all women crave for at some point of time in their life. Indian women will not be lucky anytime in the near future. Well, let's just hope for that one!


Weight Gain:

Everything we eat just shows up on our tummy! Why, why and just why should we suffer this ugly torture?



Talk about the pressure to look good by putting on layers of concealer on the skin! It is the most painful thing to be a girl without the sight of makeup.


Toilet Troubles:

Peeing in public places and UTIs. Yes, it's a real big problem. But, thank our lucky stars for cranberry juice.



Some of us are blessed with humongous ones and some are tormented with ones that need microscopic vision. But still, it's not always a pleasure for something to constantly be out of place and attract attention all the time.

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