Surprising Facts About The Heaven On Earth, Kashmir

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Kashmir is one of the beautiful places in India, and most people relate it to heaven on earth. People say that there is a spiritual healing after vising Kashmir. It is true because it has been a place of many saints.

Kashmir is a place where most movie shootings take place, as it is a land where nature's beauty can be found everywhere. It is also one of the best-known tourist places where people from all over the world like to visit before they die.

People from Kashmir are very hospitable and offer a helping hand to anyone, irrespective of their caste, creed or religion.

The people of Kashmir are the best hosts ever and do make their guests wonder how they welcome any stranger by this zeal and passion.

You must visit the valley of flowers, mountains, lakes and rivers at least once in your lifetime, as it will be a lifetime experience for you. The Mughals have beautified Kashmir so well that even today we feel delighted to visit the Mughal gardens in Kashmir.

Read on the article to find some amazing facts about Kashmir.


2 State Capitals

The J&K state has 2 different capitals. In summers, Srinagar is the capital of J&K and in winters Jammu is the capital.


Literacy Rate

Almost all people in Kashmir are educated and the overall literacy rate in Kashmir is higher than that of both India and Pakistan combined.


Kashmir Population

The population of Kashmir is about 16 million, which is more than the individual population of about 133 independent nations of the world.


Article 370

Under this article, there is a law against buying of the land by the non-locals. No person can buy the land in J&K, if he/she is not a citizen.


Citizenship Gets Canceled

If a woman from J&K gets married to any person who is a citizen of any other state of India or any other country, her citizenship gets terminated.


“City Of Lakshmi”

The name Srinagar implies to the "City of Lakshmi" and this beautiful city was founded by Ashoka. Jammu was founded 3000 years back.


Diversity Of Religion

There is a Muslim majority in Kashmir, Hindu majority in Jammu and Ladakh has Buddhist majority.


First Superstar Of India

Do you know that a Legendary singer and the first superstar of India K. L. Saigal was from the land of Jammu and Kashmir?


Shares Borders

Jammu and Kashmir share the border with both China and Pakistan. So, it can be considered as an Indian state with 2 different International boundaries.

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