Weird And Surprising Facts About China

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China is a place where you can get a copy of all the famous and branded goods and we laws say that there will be no guarantee of this Chinese product. Still we like to buy Chinese items as their cuteness will draw us towards them.

Chinese products have are spilled over Indian markets and also in other countries. This shows how powerful china can be even though the products are not good but still the sale is huge.

China as such is a beautiful place to visit but is less talked about its beauty as there is much more to talk about other things in China.

Chinese people are cute ans for people of other countries it is very difficult to differentiate between their looks and even names. These cute little people have the strongest brain with huge tactics.

They are very well in making strategies and is is emerging as a super power. Read on the article to find the surprising facts about China.


Get Back Your Virginity

If a girl is unmarried and has lost the virginity then the girl can restore it back. Chinese women pay a lot of money to get a plastic surgery done which restores the lost hymen and much more.


Eggs Are Boiled In Urine

In China eggs are boiled in the urine of boys collected from school toilets under the age of 10 for an entire day. People believe eating those eggs has many benefits for health.


Sleep Anywhere

Chinese people never miss their afternoon naps and if they don't get a place sleep they can even sleep on streets after having lunch. In schools also a break of 30 minutes is given after lunch to take a short nap!


Eating Dogs

In China there is a dog festival in which Chinese people eat dogs and they believe that dog meat increases body heat and brings good luck and health.


Renting Boyfriend

If a Chinese women doesn't get hitched around the Lunar New Year, then it is considered a good thing and those women will be looked by some stigma. Therefore, these ladies will rent boyfriends so that they can close the mouth of their relatives.


Have Kids After Permission

In china people can't have kids after a prior permission from the government as they have to fill a form get approval 3 months prior to planning a baby. There was also a one child policy which soon came to an end after 35 years as the kids were getting depressed.


Split Pants For Pooping

In china children are worn pants that are cut at the buttock so that they can easily poo and use the restroom whenever they want. These split pants are a common thing in china in children.

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Story first published: Wednesday, February 3, 2016, 15:40 [IST]
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