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Strange Guinness World Records Ever Set

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When it is about "Guinness World Records", one can expect anything to be entitled in this. From the bizarre stuff to breaking bottles, anything that makes a fast record makes it to this book.

It is said that Guinness World Records is a no stranger to strangest things that have been recorded, as it captures the most bizarre and crazy things that are happening around.

It was created in 1955, and it gives the world a chance to come up with the most creative ideas to set records. So, alas, you do get to see more and more of such crazy stuff that are being recorded.

In this article, we are here to share about the strangest Guinness World Records that have ever been recorded. Find out about these interesting world records that can shock you and make you go What The... Check 'em out.


Most Straws Stuffed In The Mouth

Well, yes you read right, this is also on the records. A man named Simon Elmore achieved this weird record by stuffing 400 straws in his mouth for 10 seconds.


Largest Pillow Fight

Well, this must have been some real fun! A total of 6,261 participants participated in this rare event, which was organised by the firm "My Pillow" in USA on July 21, 2015.

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Arrow Shooting Through Feet

The farthest arrow shooting through feet did create a world record! It was achieved by Nancy Siefker who shot an arrow using her feet at 6.09 m (20 ft).


Crushing 3 Watermelons With Thighs

Whoever came up with this concept must be totally crazy. But, this is recorded and is a fact too! The fastest time taken to crush 3 watermelons was achieved by Olga Liashchuk at the Mediaset Studios in Milan, Italy, and the record was completed in 14.65 seconds.


Wealthiest Cat

Are you wondering if you read it right? Well yes, a pet cat named Blackie got a whopping £7 million ($12.5 million) from her owner Ben Rea. The millionaire had split his wealth between 3 cat charities, giving them the instruction to take care of his beloved pet.


Most Toilet Seats Broken In A Minute (Wooden Ones)

I only wish the toilets were unused! A man named Kevin Shelley broke 46 wooden toilet seats using his head in a span of just 60 seconds! Well, that is quite commendable and tough.

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Most People Tossing Pan Cakes At The Same Time

Well, this is quite weird, earlier 890 people had made this record and on February 15, 2012, over 1500 people signed for the event online but only 930 participated in it. This record was taken seriously when at least 40 participants were eliminated for either dropping out the pancake or not tossing it on time.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 30, 2016, 12:13 [IST]
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