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Shivering Facts About North Korea: Think Before You Visit North Korea

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North Korea is a place where you must think twice to visit, as it is the country with very strict and weird laws. After reading this article, you will feel lucky that you are not a citizen of that country.

Human rights in North Korea are limited and people have no liberty to wear, eat and do other normal things by themselves, as for each and every thing they have to abide by their government's rules and regulations.

There is also no right to freedom of speech and they have to watch T.V., listen to radio, music and watch other programmes only after they are marked legal by the government.

The prisoners are subjected to the most inhuman acts, physical abuse and forced work. Even the 2 subsequent generations have to bear the imprisonment. It is very difficult to visit North Korea, and even if it is just for tourism purpose, they do keep a close eye on you.

To add to these miseries, the citizens of North Korea are even not allowed to leave the country if they feel suffocated in there because of the strict laws. North Korea has the worst human rights violations and is being globally condemned.

Here are some shivering and bizarre facts about North Korea. Read to know more.


Imprisonment Is Given Even To Families

In North Korea, if a person is imprisoned for a crime, he may be given a three-generation punishment. This means even if he is done serving the punishment period, his 2 subsequent generations will have to serve the same punishment.


Internet Use Banned

People in North Korea can't use Internet with freedom, the exception being the government authorities. They have one domestic network known as Kwangmyong, which connects them internally to North Korean cities and not outside that.


The Leader Was Fed To Hungry Dogs

It recently came in the news that a North Korean leader was locked in a cage of many hungry dogs who ate him up. Kim Jong Un fed his uncle to hungry dogs after North Korea announced execution of the supreme leader.


World's Most Restricted Borders

The border between North and South Korea is the most militarised and protected in the world. North Korea built a fake village to get South Koreans to come in that village, so that they can trap them. This village is visible from the border and is known as Kijong-Dong (Peace Village), but is a ghost city.


No Motor Vehicles

It is also said that only military and government officials can own motor vehicles in North Korea. Freedom of movement is also restricted to the citizens and is highly controlled.


Style According To Government

Women have to style according to the recommended 28 hairstyles and married women have to keep their hair short. Single women have to keep long hair and keep their hair loosely tied or untied. Men are not allowed to grow their hair more than 5 cm and for older men it is 7 cm.


No Free Time

People in North Korea have to work for 6 days in a week and the other day left, they have to do some forced voluntary work. This means that they hardly have time to spend for themselves. Happy to be born in India!


Wearing Jeans Is Illegal

In North Korea, wearing jeans is illegal, as it may symbolise American imperialism. This can be considered as the least weirdest thing about North Korea, as the rest too are very bizarre.

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