People You Should See More Of This New Year 2016

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Meeting new people is not one of the common things you would find on someone's resolution list. However, it is important to keep those people in your life, close to you, no matter what.

Finding time for family and friends should ideally be on the top of your mind and should be practiced, but there are a million people who get carried away with their daily chores and activities and forget to burst their bubble, when it comes to spending time with the ones that they love.

Today, we live in a world that is driven with stress and many things apart from love. If we, as individuals, understand the meaning of a relationship, it will be extremely easy to build upon and make relationships last forever.

Boldsky suggests a new resolution for everyone to follow. Here are some of the people you should see more of this New Year 2016. If you allow these special people to be a part of your lives this year, you will without a doubt see a different person the next time you see yourself in the mirror!

And no, don't meet those annoying relatives or that selfie-crazy friend, rather surround yourself with these 8 beautiful beings, take a look:


That Childhood Buddy

Never forget that buddy whom you used to play with in the park. Though life has made you travel through different journeys, find the need to visit your little and old friend and recreate those old, fond memories.


Your Parents

Today, many of us have made a home away from home. Living apart from parents is not at all easy. Therefore, make it a point this year to see your folks often and pamper them, as they age gracefully with love and attention.


The Long Lost Cousin

Yes, once upon a time, cousins were a part and parcel of our lives. Today, most of us have the habit of meeting our cousins only at a family wedding or a funeral, which seems so incorrect. This year make time for your long lost cousin and get nostalgic.


That Ex-Friend At Work

As humans, it is only a natural tendency for us to make friends at work. If you have left that work station, tell yourself that you will at least once try to catch up on that old and very friendly ex-colleague.


The Gang

It was once upon a time that all of us moved around in gangs when we were at college. This New Year 2016, plan a reunion and meet up, as old friends and college life is something you should treasure for the rest of your life.


A Married Sister

So what if she has tied the knot and settled down? However, 2016 is the perfect year to reconnect and share those sisterly secrets all over again.



Don't worry just spending time with them, listening to their stories is a great idea for you to spend your time this New Year 2016. Can you imagine the joy on their face? Yes, it's priceless.


Your Gym Buddy

Because seeing more of her or him will only motivate you to do well and get fitter this New Year 2016. So, do make it a point to meet this unique buddy of yours this 2016.

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