Normal Moments That Can Turn Into LOL Moments

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We all may face certain awkward or embarrassing situations sometime in our life. This is actually normal, as a research has shown that facing embarrassing situations makes your brain strong and you learn to face the awkward situations more confidently.

You must learn to laugh it out in such situations, as being serious for your embarrassment can make you feel frustrated. There is no harm if others make a joke out of you, as you must learn to take life lightly and not so seriously that you fail to enjoy the beauty and happiness of little things.

You must think that you are not the only black sheep who is going through the social embarrassment. It happens with everyone and it is quite normal. So, just enjoy such funny moments, without taking it too personally and ruining your relationships.

If you feel anxious with these little awkward moments then this may lead to a social fear and avoidance. So, take it in a positive way and laugh with us, as we have shared some normal moments that turned out to be LOL moments.

Mind Your Eating!
Sometimes, when we are hungry, we may gorge into food stuffs and eat like an animal. The person who may be watching us may feel weird about us, as we are unaware about the way of our eating. This is another normal behaviour that can turn weird.

embarrassing moments of people
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When You Are Not Being Offered!
Have you ever faced the situation when you say "thank you" to someone believing that he/she is offering you something. The situation may turn to be awkward when you realise that you were not being offered, and it was the person sitting next to you who was being offered instead.

embarrassing moments of people
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Most people may interrupt the talk of others or simply bump into someone, when you didn't mean to do that. You can see this type of a weird behaviour in most people or even in yourself. It can be quite embarrassing when we're not allowed to complete our sentences and are cut short.

embarrassing moments of people
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Feeling Self-conscious
Ask yourself the question whether you feel forced to talk in social circles and are you conscious about who you are. This is another form of a behaviour that can lead to awkwardness. Most people, who are mostly shy, can feel such things about themselves that may eventually turn out to be pretty weird.

embarrassing moments of people
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Laughing On The People You Hardly Know
Another type of awkward behaviour people have is that they will make fun of the people whom they don't even know. The person making fun does not realise that he/she is behaving weird, but the fact is he/she is actually making a fool out of himself/herself.

embarrassing moments of people
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This type of awkwardness happens when you are expecting something good from others, but the opposite happens. At that time, you may behave weird, which may seem normal to you but not for others around you.

embarrassing moments of people
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Story first published: Friday, January 8, 2016, 5:00 [IST]
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