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Man Got His Penis Stuck In A Wedding Ring!

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This is a case that is just unimaginable! Who could have even imagined of a man getting a wedding ring stuck in his penis for two long days! Hell, yeah, it just happened in a part of China.

Check out this funny yet embarrassing case of this young Chinese lad who tried a wedding ring in the most unexpected place!

This 18-year-old guy was so embarrassed that he tried to remove the ring for two long days before he finally approached the doctors.

Find out the embarrassing story getting unfolded below...


Wait Of Two Long Days!

The poor guy from China tried all possible tricks to get rid of the ring that had got stuck on his penis. But, unfortunately, it just did not wish to leave its place!


His Penis Swelled

After his penis failed to release the wedding ring, the poor man struggled from theswelling in his private part. Along with the firefighters and doctors, he was rushed to thehospital.


Ice Packs Were Used To Reduce Swelling

A bag of ice was put on his crotch. This was to reduce the swelling before they removed it. The doctors almost took 90 minutes to complete this awkward procedure.

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The News Went Viral

It was obvious that the world would be interested in knowing such bizarre stories. He was being filmed while the doctors struggled to break the wedding ring.


Finally, He Turned Into A Laughing Stock

His identity was not revealed and throughout the entire procedure, the guy covered his face in embarrassment and pain. He became a laughing stock, as nobody could even imagine how the ring landed there in the first place!

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