Interesting Things To Know About A Person By His Coffee Order

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Your nature can be revealed by many things and one of them is your coffee. The type of coffee you like can reveal your nature and the way you take things. A jolly and fun-loving person will never order an Americano. In the same way, a person who takes life seriously will never order a Latte.

Coffee is liked by everyone, but the type of coffee people prefer can be different, depending upon the amount of caffeine, milk and cocoa present in it. Here we are sharing with you some interesting things that you can know about a person from the type of coffee he/she orders. This will help you to judge a person, if you are meeting him or her on a coffee for the first time.

However, this will give you an outlook of his or her nature, yet can help you in knowing the person. Try it with your friends and know what they are hiding and what their actual personality is.

Read on the article to know what the coffee order says about your friends.


Black Coffee Or Espresso

If you like black coffee then it says that you have got over the things and take life too seriously. You may be an art-loving person or a lawyer. You don't like to sit idle or waste your time. The quicker they serve the black coffee, you can be as quick as that in your work.


Cold Coffee

People who order cold coffee are very calm and relaxed. They don't mind what others think about them and love themselves. This drink, which is meant for summers, you tend to relish it even during winters. This shows your cool attitude towards life and it also shows that you don't bother much about people's opinion.



You are very enthusiastic and are an overachiever. You are a very planned person and know your goals. Most people call you a perfectionist. You are very work-oriented and don't want even your loved ones to come in between your work.


Latte Coffee

You care just for yourself and don't think much about others. You want life to be the way you want it to be. You make your own rules and are reluctant to change them unless you wish. You change as per your needs and like your latte coffee to be exactly the same as you are thinking.



You are very self-conscious and think a lot about your weight. You believe in things that are seemingly beautiful but are not that useful. This owes to the fact that Cappuccino is more than 60 percent of just foam and not coffee.



You are a selfless man who takes care of other's emotions. You tend to be very simple in life and are a jolly person. You care about your health and like to exercise. You follow your doctor's advice by faith and love to go for long drives.



You simply love yourself and care a damn for others. You pamper yourself a lot and don't want yourself to get intoxicated with the bitter taste of an Americano coffee. You rather prefer to drink a milky coffee having more milk and less caffeine.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 13, 2016, 21:00 [IST]
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