How To Become A Radio Jockey

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With so many career options and unemployment ratio going high, there are few careers that are really good and work wonders.

Hence, we're here to share some tips on a career that you must try your shot at and that is nothing but making a career as a radio jockey.

This is a most aspiring, flourishing as well as a demanding career option amongst the youth. If you're wondering why we're stressing only on "Radio jockeying" is because today is "World Radio Day".

We are here to share the most interesting facts that can help you take up radio jockeying as a career. Well, if you're the one who wants to unleash your creative side and want some quick fame too, this career option is not such a bad idea after all!

If a person is not creative and innovative enough, then there are very less chances of a person to become a radio jockey. The career of a radio jockey requires a lot of innovation and a creative bent of mind or liveliness to go forward with in this career.

So, check out for some of the interesting facts that can help you choose a career of being an "RJ".


Be Creative

One needs to be really good in being creative. Though this is not as hard as science or maths, all you need is to have a creative approach in everything you do. It should be like you find a new side to everything you do and have a new approach at it. It should not sound offensive, yet seem spontaneous, as you would be live on the show!


Focussed Approach

Be fully focussed on what you do. If you are planning to have a show of your own for the current events, then you should be totally dedicated in your approach and not deviate from the topic. This keeps the audience glued to your show.


A Good Sense Of Humour

An RJ is incomplete without a good sense of humour. Remember to spread happiness in little things that you say. Put yourself in the shoes of your audience and react when a boring RJ talks. All that we do is change the station, right? The same would be your case. So, make sure your show would be an interesting talk-of-the-town one.


A Fluent Speaker

This is one of the basic rules that is required for a person to become an RJ. Clarity of speech and delivering the message should be really clear and crisp. Remember that only a good and fluent speaker is the most popular RJ among the listeners.


Command Over The Languages

This should be your focus area. If the region you live in has a different language other than your mother tongue, then be a pro at it. Have a fluency in that language, and make sure you do learn other state languages as well. When callers from other states do call you, you should be able to handle them as well. And it is always better to learn 2-3 languages.


Be Flexible And Adaptable

Remember that you need to be flexible and adaptable in any career that you choose to make a life. It ain't going to be like you'll have only fixed audience at certain time. In case of emergency, you may have to fill in for your colleague too, to make sure the audience does not feel detached.


Be Original

When you start "RJing" as a career option, make sure you do not fake your accent or style of talking. This is really important, as people do not like to hear somebody who has a fake accent or stresses on something that is not funny. Be yourself and make the audience feel connected.

Hence, this is a great career option, which comes in with many perks. You get to learn a lot from people of different societies every single day.

If you have any suggestions on this career option, do comment below.

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Story first published: Saturday, February 13, 2016, 12:50 [IST]
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