How To Be A Person Who Is Liked By Everyone

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Humans are social beings and it is very important that we interact with other people around us. We may end up becoming mentally and physically sick if we keep ourselves away from everyone. This is the reason why we have been given the power of communication with others, unlike animals.

It is also true that most people and their behaviour may seem weird to us at times, as they don't communicate well with others and find a hard time to gel. Likewise, there are many other types of people who somehow seem to be unusual for others.

Having said that, some people outshine and we all love to be in their company. Talking with these people makes us feel empowered and knowledgeable. When these people talk, we would like to makes notes of what they say, as each and every word they say is worth being noted.

This is because these people have learned a lot by their experience and have an open mind. They learn from their mistakes and then make others learn to in the process. They create an impact on others. Do you know that even you can also create a good impression on others?

Read on to know how to create a good impression and impact on others. Remember, respect is to be earned and not begged for!


Don't Gossip

This is not only a killing thing for your soul, but it also creates a very bad impression of your's in front of others. Even the person to whom you are gossiping, creates a bad impression about you to others. Remember, "a gossip dies the same moment when it hits the ears of a wise man".


Be Yourself And Don't Pretend

Don't pretend about certain things and be what you are in reality. People are intelligent enough to track your real self. So, pretending in front of others will not prove to be beneficial to create a good impression on others.


Be True To Others

Having a fake attitude and also trying to be a good person just for the sake will certainly not mark you in other's good books. First transform yourself into a good person and then try to act so. This will also be a food for your soul. When you are beautiful from within, it will spontaneously reflect to the outside world.


Don't Shy Away

Sometimes, your shyness can be misinterpreted as an arrogance. The persons who don't know you have noting to do with your shyness. They will create a bad impression about you, even if you are a good person at heart and are having enough knowledge as well.


Don't Show Off

When you buy a new car, you may feel the need to show off about it and be desperate to show your status; however, refrain from doing so. Most people purchase things not for their necessity but for their social status. Hence, do not show off if you're well off in the society, as people may not like you for that.


Don't Behave Cowardly

A coward behaviour is not liked by anyone. You become a coward when you don't say anything in someone's defense, or if he or she has not actually committed a mistake and is being dragged into it because of you. Be the brave one to help others, whenever they need you, even at the cost your time, money and reputation.


Don't Blame Others For Your Benefit

This is a common behaviour seen among many people who want to bring others down. They live in the belief that it will benefit them, but they don't know that by bringing others down they're eventually becoming a bad person in other's eyes. Therefore, the choice is yours!

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 19, 2016, 20:30 [IST]
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