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Secret Facts About Sperm


Most of us care very less to even know about the difference between sperm and semen. Well, semen is the liquid in which sperm cells are found.

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And semen is a sticky fluid that contains other types of male body-fluids along with sperm cells. And the quality of a man's reproduction totally depends upon the quality of his sperm.

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The reason why men need to know more about sperm is that they will start understanding the fact that their lifestyle also influences the sperm quality and motility. Now, let us know about certain facts about sperm.


Fact #1

Some women are allergic to sperm. Yes, they tend to experience itching sensation, swelling, burning sensation or redness when they are allergic to sperm.


Fact #2

Most of the men don't know the fact that their diet affects the taste of their semen! Yes, it tastes different when you are addicted to smoking and coffee, and tastes pleasant when your diet is filled with healthy and natural fruits and veggies! So, eat healthy!


Fact #3

There is a disorder known as post orgasmic illness and it needs treatment. A person who suffers allergy to sperm in a very high degree is said to be suffering from this disorder.


Fact #4

It is good for your hair too. It can make your hair shiny and thick. Certain hair treatments use it!


Fact #5

The reason why a man's body tries to keep the testicles a bit cool is to ensure that the sperm cells don't die due to excessive temperature.


Fact #6

There are antioxidants present in sperm and that is why it is also used in certain types of facials. Yes, it makes your skin smooth.


Fact #7

The reason why the head of a sperm cell is in the shape of a spear-head is because it needs to dig and penetrate the egg cell.


Fact #8

The sperm contains some cells which can potentially turn into a male baby and some which are potential female babies.

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 6, 2016, 6:11 [IST]
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