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Facts About Drunk Driving

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It is a fact that millions of lives are lost due to alcoholic addiction. And on the top of that, driving under the influence of alcohol would be a bigger danger as it endangers both the driver and others on the road.

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Every country in this world is trying its best to educate its people about the dangers of driving under influence. In fact, the reason why heavy penalties are levied for drunk driving is to make people realise that they are doing a costly mistake.

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Risking one's life itself is a serious matter and risking others' lives is a bigger concern. Alcoholic drivers do exactly that. Now, let us know about a few facts about drunk driving.


Fact #1

Nearly, 30% of the road accidents occur due to drunk driving. Every year, lakhs of people lose their lives on roads due to driving under the influence of alcohol.


Fact #2

The human body takes nearly 6-7 hours to get rid of the alcohol that is consumed. So, it is better to drive only after the body becomes normal.


Fact #3

The problem with alcohol is that it influences the brain and other cognitive faculties for a few hours after consumption.


Fact #4

Many studies suggest that alcohol impacts the driving habits more at the night than during the day time. Maybe that is the reason why 70% of the alcoholic accidents happen during the night and the 30% during the day.


Fact #5

Most of the people who drive after getting drunk happen to be in the age group of 21-16.


Fact #6

A study suggests that 80% of the people who died in alcoholic crashes never wore their seat belts or followed other life saving measures.


Fact #7

Another study says that 80% of the people who died in alcoholic car crashes were men and the remaining 20% were women.

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