Dangerous Sports In The World

By: Debdatta Mazumder
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There are mainly two types of people in this world, those who like to sit back on their easy chair with a cup of coffee and their favourite book, and those who like to explore the world, take dangerous risks and enjoy the adrenaline rush.For the second type, there are certain dangerous sports in the world.

If you’re a person who is fond of sports and likes something that can thrill you a lot, you can check out the list of 10 dangerous sports in the world.

If you want to meet death and win over it, these are the sport events that you can try.

The lifetime experiment you’ll get can be permanent on the album of your memory. Now, what are extreme sports? If any sport involves certain equipment and is uncontrollable and unfavourable, then it can be included within the dangerous sports in the world category.

There are more than 10 dangerous sports in the world. But, these sports are not for all. Usually, these are for youths (those in their 20s to 40s). You must have seen men, attempting dangerous sports like horseback riding or bull riding.

If you want to attempt any of such sports, you have to be very careful. Such activities need a lot of body fitness and mental strength. If a person doesn’t have an iron metal, he mustn’t face such difficulties. So, here are some dangerous sports in the world.


1.Horseback Riding:

This sport demands the perfect skill and practice to attempt it. There have been lots of incidents of death that have happened while doing this. You're riding on an unpredictable animal and you don't know how it will react. So, there is enough risk involved in this sport.


2.Base Jumping:

You need an iron heart to jump from a high-rise or a plane or from mountains. You must have seen it in many movies that people jump from a huge height, just with a parachute. What if the parachute doesn't open? Scary, isn't it?


3.Motorcycle Racing:

Some layers of Kevlar and a helmet, there is nothing more to give you protection while you attempt this sport. Third-degree abrasions, broken bones, etc, are small examples of accidents that have occurred due to motorcycle racing.


4.Bull Riding:

One of the 10 dangerous sports in the world. This is another sport and again you are on the gunpoint. You can get cramps and can break your bones if you fall from the bull. But, getting adventurous is the main idea here.



Only a pro can attempt this sport. If you don't know the tactics of the game and you're not trained in it from a young age, your body will not permit to attempt this one.



It can be said that there is one ball, one man and a bulk of men over him. Think how dangerous it is to pursue towards the goal with such a pressure of all those man on you! Ligament damage, bleeding nose, etc., are common here.



If you ever have seen a boxing match on T.V., you must have seen how dangerous the knockout punches can be. Breaking nose and bleeding mouth are ‘just nothing' in this game. Here, if you don't hit, you'll get the blow. Consider it among the 10 dangerous sports in the world.


8.Big Wave Surfing:

If water sport is your thing and you're on a sea-side, this is the dangerous sport you can attempt. You have to be a very good swimmer and skilled at it too. Otherwise, it can be too risky to attempt this sport.



There are many people who don't consider it as a sport. After all, beautiful girls with cute little dresses can be fun. What's the risk in it, right? However, have you ever imagined if any of the girls misses her part while swirling in the air and catching, what could happen?



It is also among the 10 dangerous sports in the world. Constantly hitting by the hockey club can break bones, have an inner hemorrhage and concussions to the players. Only skill and practice can make you a better player here.

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Story first published: Thursday, January 7, 2016, 2:00 [IST]
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