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Boob Facts That Can Drive You Crazy!

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Human body is an interesting subject and knowing facts about how our body parts work is quite amazing. Understanding our body is something that is complicated, but when you actually try understanding about it, you would be blown by the facts, for example, facts about boobs!

Here, in this article, we are about to share things you should know about boobs. These are some of the most interesting facts that every man would be interested in finding out.

Check out about some of the secrets about boobs that nobody reveals generally. We're sure you would be amazed on how interesting and amazing our body functions.

From reasons of sagging boobs to making your boobs firm and attractive, you can check out the facts that will help you knowing all that you wanted to know about breasts. Read on to know more.


Fact #1

A study in Chicago has revealed that women who have bigger breasts are more intelligent. Okay, now that is something which other women will surely feel bad about.



This fact is perfect for women who are thinking of raising a family. It is said that women with bigger breasts and narrow waists have a higher reproductive potential.


Fact #3

A lot of women achieve orgasm from the nipple stimulation alone. Reports have suggested that a woman's brain processes genital and nipple stimulation in the same way!! Okay, we leave it to your imagination.


Fact #4

Men have nipples and breasts as all the foetus are females first! This is until six weeks that testosterone starts to take hold of and in the mean time the nipples and breasts generally form. Woah!! That is too much of science, must say!


Fact #5

Breasts are not identical all the time. Generally, one of the boobs is bigger than the other. In a few cases, it is a whole cup size bigger, which makes it difficult for the woman to manage.


Fact #6

Sports bra is one of the best inventions made by mankind. Exercising without a sports bra can only stretch the ligaments that can make your breasts saggy! So, now you know which is the best type of bra you need to choose!


Fact #7

A woman's body swells once during her periods. This is the time when women experience breast growth that is as much as a full cup size!


Fact #8

Did you know that these crazy twins can weigh up to 3-4 kgs each?! This is the average size of D-cup! And this contains around 4%-5% of the body's fat.


Fact #9

Even breasts can have breakouts just the way breakouts are found on the face. The area around the boobs contains oil glands that make them more prone to blackheads and pimples.


Fact #10

Did you know that sleeping face down can change the shape of your breasts over time? Well, it does. The best way to avoid this is by sleeping on the sides. This is one of the unknown facts about boobs.

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