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10 Things Every Person Should Experience In Their Lifetime

By Anirudh Narayanan

Life is culmination of events that we either treasure or trash. But do understand that whatever you associate as good or bad are all nothing but experiences. The bad experience you had serves as a lesson for your future self. The good on the other hand doesn't take long to become bad. So, in the end they are all experiences you have to take with a pinch of salt as needed.

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Living life to the fullest is possible only when you accept not only the good but the bad experiences as well. When you look at it all the experiences, either feel like memories, which you treasure or like nightmares which you dread.

Read on as we tell you the things every person should experience in their life.


Living Away From Family

Every person should live away from their family, at least once. When we live away we experience new things and learn to rely on oneself. Living away from family is one of those things, everyone should do in their life.


Do One Thing That Scares You

Scared of heights? Jump off of a plane. Scared of ghosts? Visit a cemetery after dark. Scared of water? Run headlong into the seas. Fear is an emotion you need to experience and tackle during your lifetime.


Hitchhike Without Any Possessions

Hitchhiking can be quite a lot of fun. But to take things one notch up, hitchhike without any possessions. Live completely dependent on others. Remember Into The Wild and Alexander Supertramp's amazing journey? Something similar. Check that one off of your bucket list.


Fail At Something Miserably

Life is unpredictable. We are ecstatic one moment and the next is spent buried in sadness. You realise how uncertain things are in life only when you experience them. So, attempt the impossible and fail. The important thing is that you tried and got a new experience, experiences which will last you a lifetime.


Walk On And On....

Remember how Forrest Gump went on a running spree in the movie Forrest Gump? Every person should take a similar sabbatical in life and go on a journey, where they meet new people and bring about positive changes in another's life, if they can. Live life to the fullest!


Get A Tattoo

Getting inked is something that most people have a problem with. But a tattoo is a very personal thing, something which you have total control over. It can be quite painful but it is worth every second of the pain. Getting tattooed is something everyone should do in their life.


Sing At A Karaoke

Don't think about things too much. You can either do it or you find out that you're actually bad at it and have a good laugh. Go to a karaoke pub and sing your favourite song, no matter how bad you're at it. The practice will come handy during public speaking. Karaoke is an experience of a lifetime, you really cannot miss it.


Speak To Unknown People

In your daily life you pass by strangers all the time. Maybe in a bus or a train or on the street. Try striking a conversation with these strangers. You will be surprised by the stories they have to tell. Speaking with strangers is one thing everyone should do in their life.


Get A Pet

Human life is incomplete without a pet. The unconditional love a pet provides is truly surprising. Especially dogs, who are always loyal and respect their master. Watch the movie Hachiko- A Dog's Tale. It is an experience of a lifetime, do not miss it.


Fall In Love Passionately

Fall in love at least once. Be passionate and never hold back. They say love or more specifically, marriage is a madness accepted by the society. So, go crazy in love. Doesn't matter if you're gay, straight or bisexual. Falling in love is something everyone should do in their life. So, go out there and live your life!

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