Shows From The 90's That Were Banned For Kids

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Shows that were telecast from the west in the 90's were always interesting for the little kids in India. But, unfortunately times were different then and kids weren't allowed to switch from their funky cartoon network channels to these fabulous ADULT shows or soaps. The kids who belong to the 90's will totally relate to this article!

Here below are some of the most famous soaps I remember taking a peek at now and again when the folks were not at home. If you take a look at the list, I bet you will feel nostalgic too! Shows like Baywatch, Xena the Warrior Princess and The Simpsons were serials that every little kid wanted to watch. Here are many more shows from the 90's kids were banned from, take a look:


Baywatch - The beautiful women and the hunky men were a total treat for the eyes. Kids went gaga while watching these lifeguards take center stage of their television set. Beaches were always full of bikini clad women and men in hot shorts too, but it was no show for the little ones to enjoy. This was one of the 90's show kids were banned from seeing. (pic courtesy)

Ally McBeal - Ally was a fun treat too. Her sense of humor and her style was kind of dreamy. Now, athough the comedy was set around the lives of legal firm employees, it had very little to do with lawsuits and legal matters, if you know what I mean!

The X-Files - For the little ones in the 90's they were banned from watching the X-Files. Though the serial was all about scientific stuff, kids were never allowed in the same room when this serial was on air.

The Bold And The Beautiful

The Bold And The Beautiful - Wow... this is one of the many shows from the 90's which was restricted for child viewing. B&B was a show about two famous and glamourous families who climbed the ladder of success only by sleeping their way through! (b&b courtesy)

WWF - Choke slams and slip kicks were some of the moves WWF taught us as kids. And, when we would repeat these voilent tricks on our siblings, parents banned this 90's show for kids in the household.

Xena Warrior Princess

Xena Warrior Princess - The Greek myth and American action fantasy show was a treat for little girls in the 90's. Xena Warrior Princess was probably the first show that portrayed a scantily dressed woman beating men to a pulp. (pic courtesy: xena)

The Simpsons - Children loved The Simpsons, but unfortunately it was banned for kids. Till today, there are some parents who don't like their kids watching the yellow men!

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Story first published: Friday, October 16, 2015, 16:32 [IST]
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