Best Places For Steak In Bangalore

By: Samrat Dey
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Enjoying a steak at the pub capital of the country should be in your bucket list. If you are a Bangalorean, you know what we are talking about, steaks in Bangalore are a must-have in its famed restaurants. The quirky foodie in you will always choose a variation - Rare, Medium, Well Done, Medium Rare, Medium Well Done. It is imperative that chefs prepare accordingly and the waiter inquires about your choice of variation while noting your steak order. In Bangalore, there are some places that are recommended for experiencing a good steak.

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Best Places For Steak

Portland Steakhouse and Cafe: With a cost for two of around Rs 2000, this place entices the craving for steaks. You can order for any type of steak between Rare (Very Red Centre) to Medium Well (Slightly Pink) and Well (Cooked Though Not Juicy) and choose your sauce like BBQ Chipotle, Smokehouse BBQ and Mushroom Sauce. Some steaks that you may try here are Silver Dollar, Fillet Mignon and Porterhouse.

Best Places For Steak

Vapour Pub & Brewery: Indiranagar's Vapour Pub & Brewery has some great options in steaks like Tenderloin Steak (with choice of red wine, mushroom or pepper sauce served with mashed potato and sautéed vegetables), Chicken Steak (comes with a similar combination like veggies and mashed potatoes; choice of sauce along with the wine). Vegetarians can opt for steaks like Cottage Cheese Steaks (pan seared herbed cottage cheese steak served with pink pepper and paprika dill sauce). The cost for two here is around Rs 1500

898 Steaks & Grills: With two outlets at Koramangala and Electronic City, 898 Steaks and Grills has a range of steaks in its menu. Steak lovers are fond of this place. Some of the Steaks that you can try here are the Chef Special 898 Marinated Steak (marinated twice and served with pepper sauce and fried egg) and Tabasco Steak (Beef Fillet marinated with salt, pepper, rosemary prepared with pepper sauce and served with spaghetti). One can also opt for Chicken Garlic Pepper Steak (chicken studded with garlic cloves, served with pepper sauce) and 898 Fish Steak (marinated and grilled king fish served with rice and lime sauce). The cost for two here is approximately around Rs 800.

Best Places For Steak

Connie's Restaurant & Steakhouse: Located at Kamanahalli, this place does flaunt expertise in preparation of steaks. From the menu, you can choose New York Steak, Chicken Pepper Roast Steak, Pork Devil Steak, Pork Spare Ribs Steak, T Bone Tenderloin Steak, Pork Tabasco Steak (pork steak grilled and tossed in spicy Tabasco sauce with vegetables, mashed potatoes and garlic bread). Do not miss the Swiss Tenderloin Steak (fillet of meat with roasted herbs, topped with wine sauce, served with crunchy veggies, mashed potato and garlic bread). The cost for two here should be approximately Rs 1200.

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