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10 Best Excuses To Bunk Classes

By Anirudh Narayanan

Call it skiving, bunking or cutting class, there is nothing that takes as much thought process and planning as it does to bunk one day or even a single period of class. Everyone bunks one time or the other in their school or college life. The geeks, the bullies, the cute girl, everyone bunks.

Though it carries a negative air about it, bunking is a necessary evil. It teaches about independence, handling pressure and the consequences that follow if you do get caught. The excuses we come up with to bunk classes also lets out our creative juices running wild.

No, we aren't endorsing lying! But we surely believe things are blown out of proportion if and when a student bunks for whatever reason, valid or invalid. Instead of punishing them, it works better if the faculty tries to know as to why the student is bunking in the first place.

Why Students Bunk Classes?

Moving away from the serious issues, let's look at some of the interesting excuses that the students come up with to bunk classes. Read on.

"Sir/Ma'am, I'm Not Feeling Too good"
We kick off the best excuses to bunk class list with the oldest trick in the book. "Sir/Ma'am, I'm not well" is simple but works better than you would expect. Just make it look authentic by spelling out some symptoms of what you're feeling and you should be on your way home or the theatre!

Parents/Relatives have come to the city
The best excuses you make up to skip classes has a lot to do with motivation. Approaching your teacher with a hopeful face, telling him/her that your parents/relatives are in town should work wonderfully well. Your chances increase tremendously if you're studying away from home. By motivation, we mean the reason to bunk.

Cultural/Sports Programme Approaching
Tell your class teacher with a straight face, 'I'm gonna make our school proud. So allow me to practice now.' Culturals and sports bring good name to the school if and when they win. Culturals and sports practice are actually two reasons to bunk class with permission. Go for it!

"I wanna study for the exams!"
Wrestle with your class teacher if necessary but make her see your (fake) perseverance to study for the exam. She might disagree at the start but looking at your passion to pass the exam, she just might let you bunk the class.

The never-ending washroom break
One of the most common excuses to bunk class, at least for 10 minutes, is the washroom break. You can easily extend this break by bunking remainder of the class and running into the teacher later to explain how you had to wait, as the cleaning department was at work in the washroom. Or maybe you can say that you got called away by the sports sir for some errand.

Project Work
Make your saddest face and explain to the faculty how you are behind on your project work. Make him empathise by showing your enthusiasm to complete it on time. This ain't an excuse though, as it will seem completely genuine and your faculty should allow you to bunk that class in all probability.

The call that can't wait!
Ask your sibling to call your school/college phone, asking for you. The best excuses to bunk classes are often defined by their urgency. Tell your teacher that it cannot wait and he has to take the call. A phone call seems pretty urgent and it should set the bunking plan into motion.

"I was in an accident"
If you're a good actor, then faking an accident should be child's play for you. Tie a crepe bandage on the leg, arm or wherever you're comfortable and limp, hop or hurtle your way towards your class teacher, explaining your reason for bunking the classes or why you'll be absent for the next few days as well. Pretty smooth, huh?

The Mass Bunk
Rarely a success, as there will always be a guy/girl, the teacher's pet, who goes to class unperturbed by the brilliant excuse to bunk class. But imagine not even one student turning up for the class, sounds awesome huh? It takes a fair bit of planning and might take some convincing to the geeks.

A Friend In Need, Is A Friend Indeed
The age old saying holds true forever, at least in classes! You bunk without any concern, as your friend ensures that you get the necessary attendance by signing or shouting out 'Present Ma'am' for you. Not an excuse to bunk class but it works as good as any of the excuses aforementioned.

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