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Weird Reasons Why We Fall In Love


Love is a strong emotion which is shared between a couple, mother and child, friends and much more. But, the relationship between a man and a woman in love is something which cannot be put into words. Today, there are more than a handful of couples who are falling in love with some of the weirdest reasons behind it. The weird reasons why we fall in love can actually make your jaws drop. The insanity of couples who are in love with the weirdest reasons can never make their relationship last.

Falling head over heels in love with someone who has swiss accounts is not going to make you happy in life. Women fall in love with men who are loaded with green notes, have that perfect toned physique and good looks. But, love is not only about these three things in life, it is deeper and much more than that. The funny reasons why we fall in love could also be to pass time in this lonely world. Strange right? Take a look at some of these reasons why we fall in love so easily with another.


Weird reasons why we fall in love:


To Have An Arm Candy

Arm candies is enough to get the attention of anyone. Players are the ones who always search for eye candies to date and to fall in love with. This is one of the weird reasons why we fall in love. ( The significant other seems to complement you)


For The Money

The love for money will make you want to do anything, even if it has to be falling head over heels in love.


To Get Noticed

The best funny reasons why we fall in love is to get noticed in the crowd. If you are with someone who is handsome/beautiful, talented and a genius, you are definitely noticed in audience of friends.


To Add To The Pounds

Tired of being called a stick? We have one solution for you - fall in love. Though it might seem confusing, there are many who fall in love for this weird reason. Love makes you want to eat and not stop, therefore adding to the kilos.


To Avoid The Topic Of Marriage

Parents are always insisting of you getting married. One of the weird things why we fall in love is to mainly keep aside the topic of marriage.


To Brag

To brag and to be one with the people you are around is another weird reason why we fall in love. The thought of bragging helps to get you noticed and feel like heaven on earth.


Adventure To New Things In Life

The thought of trying out the things your friends who are in a relationship have tried out will prick you. So, to stay on the same level as your friends, falling in love and experiencing what they feel is only ideal for you.


Someone To Spend For You

Misers are many in our world, therefore the idea of being in a relationship will balance it out. This is one of the weird reasons why we fall in love.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 18, 2014, 7:03 [IST]
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