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LOL: Top 10 Biggest Lies Of Your Life


When we were young children, our parents taught us that we must not tell lies. Our teachers told us that it was wrong to tell lies and good children always tell the truth. Religion taught us that 'thou shall not lie or steal'. And yet, the world is full of lies and perversities. What takes the cake is the fact that the biggest lies of your life are told by people we trust. The best part is that these are lies told to you by people around you, often by people you trust.


You do not have to go too far to find the biggest lies in the world because they are staring at you right in your face. The lies people tell are a part of your life. We are not talking about your household help not turning up for 3 days and then lying to you about an illness. We are not even talking about the lies you tell your boss when you take unscheduled leaves. These are like the biggest lies in the universe that we are discussing.

If you live in the modern day society, you must have come across the biggest lies of your life several times. These are white lies that people tell you and the worst thing is that you have no option but to listen to it. There is no retaliation or confrontation possible.

Here is a list of the biggest lies that you get to hear from the world around you.


Your Call Is Important To Us: Call Centre

When you hear this recorded message played out to you for the nth number of time while you are forced to hold on, you know that for sure that you cannot take everything at face value.


There Are No Hidden Charges: Credit Card Company

Really! But what about the the fact and figures on my bill? Did you know that every time you use your credit card to pay your bills, you pay something called a 'convenience charge'. How is it convenient if you are charging me for it.


Conditions Apply: Offer

When any offer or investment has the quotation 'conditions apply' tagged to it, it usually includes everything under the sun. The conditions could include stuff like the weather, your banker's wife's accidental pregnancy and natural catastrophes like unseasonal rain.


This Loan Is Completely Free: Bank

Oh wow! A loan for free! Does that mean I do not have to pay the loan back? Alas we are not that lucky. Most often a free loan refers to the fact there are no processing charges.


Inconvenience Is Regretted: Airport

Its okay, I forgive you for causing me the inconvenience. So what if my flight is delayed for another hour and I really had to get home for my wedding anniversary. I expect your 'regret' will save my marriage.


After You Finish College You Can Do What You Want: Parents

That is the biggest lie in the world. Do whatever you want in college because after that you will be trapped forever in your professional life. Don't grow up man, its a trap.


I Have Read All The Terms & Conditions: Check

Before you create any new account you have go through a massively heavy document titled 'Terms & Conditions'. We all just check the box without going through a single line of it.


If Don't Get Married Now It Will Be Too Late: Indian Mom

Well there no such thing as early or late for a relationship like marriage. Marriage is not a train you have to catch that you can be early or late for it.


70 Percent Off: Sale

This large proclamation is usually followed by a line written in tiny letter. It reads 'On select items only'. It is just a bribe to lure idiots like us into the store.


The Drink Is Complementary: Restaurant

No it is not complementary. The oodles of calories you will consume with the drink will not be a compliment to your waistline!

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 18, 2014, 23:01 [IST]