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10 Tattoos You Should Never Get

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These days, everyone wants to get inked. Fairies, religious symbols, Chinese numbers, parents' faces are some of the common tattoos you would find on almost everyone. When you get inked for the first time, you should not get these 10 tattoos that Boldsky shares with you in this article.

The 10 tattoos you should never get include tramp stamps, your partner's name and even mystical creatures. When you reach a certain age and decide to get inked, these tattoos complied for you by Boldsky are the worst on the list.

However, there are some people who get these designs inked, which does not look good at all. These tattoos not to have also portray the person you are as it gives you a tag for lifetime. For example, when one gets a tramp stamp tattoo, the first thing which comes to one's mind is 'she is a w....'! Though these 'not to get' tattoos look creative and out of this world, you should not make a mistake getting any of these.


Take a look at the 10 tattoos to never get.


Band Name

One of the tattoos to never get is the name of your favourite band. If you love music, design your own punk-rock tattoo and be different. A tattoo likes this usually dies out in time.


Tramp Stamp

Want to get another name? Then, do not opt for a tramp stamp tattoo! It is known to be vulgar, insulting and cheap and it shows you in a poor light.


Face Tattoos

You should never get a face tattoo. Getting a tattoo on your face can also be dangerous as the tissue on the face is very delicate.


Superhero Tattoo

Getting a superhero tattoo will make you look cheesy. It will also make you seem a wannabe superhero too. Therefore, to keep up your status, this is one tattoo to never get.


Mystical Creatures

What, are you 5? It is time to live in the present and stop living a life on the clouds. If you are thinking of getting a mystical creature tattoo, you should be ready to welcome some unpleasant comments too


Religious Tattoos

To get a religious tattoo, it is like mocking your religion. One of the tattoos to never get is something connected with religion. It could hurt the sentiments of people in your circle of life.



This again is one of the tattoos to not get, even if you are a diehard fan of cartoons. If you are desperate to get a tattoo like this, get it where it can be hidden.


Those Memories

Many couples who lose their baby or loved ones love to get their image inked on the body. This is one of the tattoos to never ever get! Capture these memories in your mind or on paper and not on your body, as it will haunt you forever.



One of the tattoos to never get is the face of your favourite celebrity. Carl McCoid is a die hardfan of Miley Cyrus and has around 21 tattoos on his body which is dedicated to the famous singer. It includes Cyrus' face on his arm.


Your Partner Name

You are in love but that does not mean you get your partner's name engraved on your skin. Not many relationships that are inked like this last for long and tattoo removal is all the more painful. This is one of the tattoos not to have on your body.


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Story first published: Friday, June 6, 2014, 14:44 [IST]
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