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6 Weird Habits Of A Shopaholic

One of the most common habits these days with younger generation is swiping their credit/debit cards in every shop they enter too. Being a shopaholic is not a nice tag to add to your life quota as it brings your downfall. Most of us who have the habits of a shopaholic believe in the necessity to shop till you drop! These weird habits of a shopaholic are something not to be proud off.

Purchasing items for necessities is normal, but when people habitually purchase unnecessary things to pass their time, it is more than a serious issue. The weird habits of a shopaholic is their uncontrollable issues. It seems like an addiction and many people regularly jeopardise their lives by shopping themselves till broke.


Here are some of the habits of a shopaholic you might want to take a look at. These weird habits will help to also draw to a conclusion that you need to withdraw and control yourself:

Storing Unopened Items
A common weird habit of a shopaholic is the storage of unopened items all piled up under one roof. The only answer to the unopened items is because you would have forgotten you actually owned something like that.

Life Depends On Shopping, Shopping & Shopping
Without shopping there is no life! For shopaholics, their breath of fresh air is the credit/debit card and their longevity of life is the mannequins in the mall.

Importance Of Unimportant Goods
It may not be of importance but it surely is a necessity! One of the weird habits of a shopaholic is to purchase all the unimportant goods rather than the ones which are extremely of need.

The Feeling Of Being Compelled
Nothing in the world can compel you like how money does. When it comes to shopaholics their main attraction is money and they are just magnetized to the green notes ‘naturally'.

Reasons To Keep Wanting
The only way to show that you are a shopaholic is the clear path of telling yourself you want this and that, when actually it is not necessary to purchase. The weird habit of a shopaholic is that they are never at peace till they own what they see.

Same Things Always Pleases You
The want to buy things that you already have is one of the weird habits of a shopaholic. People with this addiction feel the requirement for more ‘same or similar' things to keep lying around in the house.

Story first published: Wednesday, June 4, 2014, 8:00 [IST]
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