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4 Silly Questions People Ask Cat Owners

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Cats are not preferred pets by many. It takes a true cat lover to own a cat as a pet. This is generally due to the fact that cats are not as obedient and loyal to their masters as dogs are.

Many people who want to have a cat as their pet sometimes end up asking silly pet questions to the owners of cats. They say these are just pet questions to get an idea on how to pet a cat, but in reality they are quite silly.

In this article, we shall highlight some of the most silly questions asked to cat owners regarding their pet. These questions are silly, funny and odd too.

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How do you deal with a witch at home? - This is one of the most silly questions many cat owners come across. This is because of the superstitions and old folk tales which compare a cat to a form of evil or a pet of evil characters like a witch. This is the reason many women are looked at in a crazy way when they pet a cat. This is a silly question because in no way a cat is the messenger, pet or form of any evil. This is not just weird but also quite funny. So next time, a cat owner faces these pet questions they should make it funnier by replying that the devil inside just got angry and the cat might put them in their target list.

Does your cat help to kill rats? - Yes, there is a long-time rivalry among cats and rats, but is that a question to ask. Cats do kill rats and many other small birds too but that in no way means that people pet cats just to kill rats in their houses. This is one of the most silly questions as there is no need to ask if a particular cat is capable of killing.

Are you single and lonely? - There is a crazy myth that women who pet cats are single and as they are fed of being alone all the time, they pet cats. This is one of the most silly questions that one can ask a cat owner. Women are considered crazy for keeping cats as pets. It is more of a personal choice and has nothing to do with the woman being single.

Does your cat pass bad luck if it crosses you? - Another superstition followed by another silly question. These are dumb pet questions asked to cat owners by many people. The superstition which say that a cat can bring hurdles in your work if it passes you is a big-time superstition that is the base of this silly question. No cats bring any hurdle to any one.

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Story first published: Tuesday, April 22, 2014, 12:54 [IST]
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