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Halloween 2019: Weird And Gross Candies From Across The World


Halloween is a festival to dress up in scary costumes and indulge in crazy candies. There was a time when it used to be only kids going door to door on a trick or treat mission. But today adults pay close attention to the trick or treat errand.

If you want to have some fun tonight with the adults who pop up at your doorstep for treats, fill their bags with gross candies. These funny gross candies are disgusting to look at but yummy to taste.

Boldsky has put together some of the weird candies you can opt for this Halloween 2019. These Halloween candies are famous around the world because of their look and uncanny names. If you are completely grossed out with the name, you should leave it aside and only go in for the candy in that wrapper.

This Halloween 2019, try out these weird Halloween candies. Take a look:

Flavour Beans

If you are a true devotee of Harry Potter, then you wouldn't mind trying his weird candy. For those who are familiar with Mr Potter, Bertie Botts and the confectionary concoctions, this candy collection of jelly beans will surely be a treat. The delightful flavours such as dirt, ear wax, rotten egg, soap and vomit are enticing and taste just as the name suggests.

Flush Toilet Candy

How would you like a toilet full of sugar? All you need to do is to flip the lid and dip in one of your flavoured lollipop plungers. Clog your toilet with your favourite lollipop.


Scorpion Lollipops

Each of these yummy weird Halloween lollipops is a must-try. The sweet contains actual ants, crickets dipped in chocolate or scorpions encased in the lollipop.

Ear Wax Candy

Ear Wax Candy is a perfect gross Halloween candy. If you've ever got the craving to eat ear wax, then this is your chance to taste it. However, don't get too excited as it isn't real wax. Inside the ear canal is a fruity-jelly substance which looks like wax. Dip in your plastic swab, scoop out some wax and lick away.

Zit Poppers

These gross candies are shaped like huge pimples. It is loaded with gooey jelly which when you squeeze or pop out to taste, it feels like you are popping a zit on your face and eating right into it.

Chock Ca-Ca

Chock Ca-Ca comes in bite-size pieces of chocolate. These weird Halloween candies are shaped like babies poop which is left behind in their diapers. To make this treat all the more interesting, you get your very own piece of Chock Ca-Ca wrapped in a diaper!

Lick Your Wounds

We all have the tendency to rip that band-aid off after a wound is healed. But, have you ever felt the urge to lick what's left behind? If you have, here is your moment with this yummy Halloween candy. Place the aid over your hand, peel the wrapper and lick the candy scab.

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