Why Women Compete With Each Other?

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Competition is one of the essential elements of human nature that keeps our civilisation going. We have grown from the age of the Stone Man to the Age of Computers now only because there is healthy competition amongst us. However, there is a difference between how men compete and how women compete with each other.

Ideally, one gender should compete with another (that is men versus women) for supremacy. But the situation is quite different. Why women compete with each other more than men is a mystery that no one has been able to solve. What women love is to compete with each other and bring other women down. Why women compete with each other instead of men could be interesting to discover.

Here are some of our best guesses as to why women compete.


Competing With Men Is Not Ambitious Enough

Hollywood siren Marilyn Monroe famously said, "Women who want equality with men are not ambitious enough". So women still follow her advise and compete with each other instead of men.


Competition Among Equals

When you are in a competition, both parties need to have equal parameters. What women love is to compete with other women because they are on equal footing. A man-woman competition is like comparing an apple with a banana.


Men Don't Compete With Women

Actually, we cannot really blame women for competing with each other. Most of the times, men are more interesting in wooing a woman than competing with her as an equal. That is why women compete with each other.


Competition Is More Colourful

What most women love is to observe other women. You will notice that women are much more observant about what other women wear and how they carry themselves. This is because women in general are more colourful in their fashion and dressing sense. How much can you observe a man dressed in suits and jeans all the time.


Attention Seeking

Women are generally a little more attention-seekers than men. That is why it is easier for women to compete amongst themselves. Men are less prone to giving any attention to such competitions.


Compete For Men

There is a very simple biological reason why women compete with each other; and the reason is to get the attention of the opposite sex. Women want men to notice them instead of their peers. This kind of competition is common even among men. So many knights in shinning armours have fought for their lady loves.

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Story first published: Tuesday, September 17, 2013, 1:02 [IST]
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