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Why Men Run Away From Responsibilities

By Madhu Babu

Firstly not all men run away or hide from responsibilities. Quite a few men are better at it than their partners. However, a lot of men are known to dodge the responsibility bullet. There may be several reasons for them to do so. They might have inherited the same from their parents or from surroundings where they were raised. Many times it could be due to sheer negligence or laziness.

In some cases men who avoid responsibilities are known to have been in one with immense stress or pressure. Having taken a lot of responsibilities at some point in their life, they tend to avoid further going through the same road again. Taking responsibility is a task for men with strong heart and will. Not all men are same, making few in the herd walk the safe path along the middle of the herd than lead it with responsibility.

Some men fear losing. Such men think way too far and side step responsibilities for fear of not carrying it out to the finish line. They fail to take on the bull by its horns. Each man fears something no matter how strong they portray themselves to the world. Responsibility is one such issue that some men fear to accept. Conquering such fear of responsibility needs support and lots of effort to cross the hurdle. Though, it is important to understand that not all men tend to shun responsibility.

Most cases of men not taking up responsibilities are simply related to their laziness. Even though men are associated with strength and toughness, they come with a baggage of laziness. Responsibility is a hard task and needs lot of commitment and effort to carry it through. It isn't every man's cup of tea.

We all inherit something from our parents and grow up with it. Some men could be unlucky to be born to parents who themselves might have lived with fear of commitments. Sometimes even the atmosphere and surroundings some men grow up plays a role in them running away from responsibilities.

Fear of commitment could be a major factor in many men shunning responsibilities. There might have been consequences of unsuccessful attempt at responsibility in the past that might have embedded fear of accepting more responsibility. We all have our fears and some men, however strong they are otherwise could have fear of responsibility.

Something in the past could be making some men deliberately avoid responsibility. It could be that they have had to endure great deal of trauma and stress in dealing with some responsibilities. Sometimes such incidents, even though being positive, could still have formed a protective layer in their mind to shun any more responsibility for avoiding the same path.

Carrying out a responsibility needs positive attitude. Men who fear its end result with a negative frame of mind will be stranded going nowhere at all. Such negative frame of mind induces fear of not carrying out the responsibility without even attempting it at the first place.

To carry out a responsibility successfully one must have some experience. Men who lack life experience of being out there, try to avoid responsibility for sheer lack of knowledge and idea of how to go about executing the responsibility successfully thereby avoiding it totally.

Story first published: Sunday, November 17, 2013, 17:07 [IST]
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