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Top 10 Fads That Didn't Last Long

Fads are basically unique fashion trends that become a rage among young people. Most fads don't last long. That is why they are called fads. However there are some fads that become long lasting trends. But right now we are talking about fads that didn't last long. These worst fads didn't last long when compared to other such trends. Naturally, these fads were the worst of the lot.

Generally fads change just as quickly as Facebook trends so it is difficult to keep up. But we have put together a list of the fads from the last decade that didn't last long.

Justin Bieber's Hairstyle

Thankfully, most sensible girls don't find Justin Bieber's idiotic hairstyle cute any more. Justin Bieber himself realised that his hairstyle was the worst fad ever and changed it to something more 'male'.

Smiley Buttons For Every Mood

There was a time when a 4 line email to your friend would contain at least a dozen simileys. Now that we are tired of smiley buttons, we just write 'lolz' or 'OMG' for expressions.

Saggy Pants

Saggy pants is another Justin Bieber fad that did not last long. But he battled on for this trend. He still wears ridiculously saggy pants but the other guys got much wiser with their sense of fashion.

Live-strong Bands

Live-strong bands were quite a rage for some time. This fad started losing steam when people started wearing live-strong bands of all colours. The significance of the yellow band somehow got diluted.

Facebook Pokes

There was once an irritating Facebook trend of 'pokes'. Every person was 'poking' someone or the other back then. This has been the worst fad on Facebook and thankfully it died down.


Crocs were a kind of perforated rubber shoes for kids. For some reason even adults started wearing them but the decided it was better not in some time.

Self Help Books

About 4-5 years back every body was reading self help books and suggesting them to their friends. Thankfully we have moved on to sex mania and vampire fiction now. At least its more entertaining.

Mood Rings

Mood rings was trend according which you had wear a certain coloured ring for every mood. This fad didn't last long because of hormonal women. They had to change rings too often!

Friendship Bands

You might be thinking that you are out of the friendship bands fad because you are not in school any more. But that is not true. Even school kids these day are smarter and better occupied than we were!


When Orkut was at its peak of popularity, people were reluctant to accept Facebook. They found Facebook too complicated and difficult compared to Orkut. But now, most of us have forgotten the password to our Orkut accounts.

These were some of the funny fads that didn't last long. Can you think of any other fads that died too soon?

Story first published: Tuesday, April 23, 2013, 23:27 [IST]
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