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    7 Signs To Tell Your Best Friend Is Jealous

    By Sanchita

    Ever wondered that even your best buddy can be jealous of you? You might have noticed that he/she has been criticising every move of your's lately. Well, you must have noticed it, but you just couldn't bring yourself to believe that your best friend is actually jealous of you.

    Jealousy is one of the worst dynamics to kill a relationship.It can be really hard to accept that the person whom you trust a lot is jealous of you. Your best friend is the person you share a special relationship with. But if the person secretly or even openly holds this trait of jealously against you, then it can become extremely painful for you or sometimes even dangerous to keep the friendship going.

    7 Signs To Tell Your Best Friend Is Jealous

    Some people are really good at camouflaging their real feelings. In that case, it is difficult to recognise the jealous friend. Here are 7 signs of a jealous best friend which will help you to recognise the dangerous traits and deal with it accordingly.

    Copies you: You can easily spot that your best friend is jealous of you if he/she tries to copy you in every single thing. If you buy a new dress, he /she buys a better or a more expensive one. This is the first sign of jealousy sneaking into your friendship.

    Lack of encouragement: There are moments when you are really happy about something like getting a good job or getting married, and you want to share your happiness with your best friend. You share the news and expect him/her to be equally ecstatic but he/she gives you a very dry reaction. This is an obvious sign that your best friend is jealous.

    Tears you down: There is nothing worse than a friend who keeps criticising you for everything or belittles your every achievement. The basic intention is to bring down your self confidence which eventually happens when you start believing what he/she says. This is a very serious sign of jealousy so beware.

    Fake happiness: Sometimes, your best friend might show off that he/she is very happy for you or your achievement. But actually he/she is green with envy inside. You have to carefully observe such friends. They can be very dangerous. You can easily make out when your friend is sincerely happy for you and when he/she is just faking it.

    Avoidance: Ever experienced a situation when you plan something with your friend and suddenly he/she acts very busy? All of a sudden your best friend doesn't want to hang out with you anymore. This happens because your happiness is the constant reminder to him/her that he/she is not happy.

    Craves attention from common friends: When you are at a gathering with your old friends, does your best friend tries to seek all the attention from your common friends? This is a definite sign of brewing jealousy inside him/her. He/she tries to put you down in front of other friends to become popular.

    Creates excuses for your success: When your friend starts finding excuses for your success, it is a sure case of jealousy. When you achieve something, he/she will try to make it look as if you got it out of pure stroke of luck. They will recount their similar experiences and make your achievement look diminished.

    So, if your best friend shows or has lately started showing any of these signs, then it is better to be careful. Try to mend your friendship before things get out of control.

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