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Most Spoken Languages Around The World

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Are you multilingual? if you are then is it a nice ability? It is a nice thing to know someone who is multilingual and has the interest in speaking more than one or two different languages. Knowing a different language apart from your mother tongue is perhaps the most intriguing part of one's personality. Knowing another language fluently only adds up to your capabilities.

When you know another language, it virtually helps us with all sorts of things like hours of entertainment through literature, radio, music, and films. There are so many languages in the world which is spoken by tons of people through all walks of life. But there are only ten languages which is very common. These ten most spoken languages from around the world is known by a lot of kids and older people too who master it.

Most Spoken Languages Around The World

Take a look at the ten most spoken languages from around the world:


One billion plus speak Mandarin. The only reason for this is because it is the most populated country on the planet. The language has interesting dialects and beautiful tones too.


It is the official language in most of the countries around the world. English is one of the highly read, spoken and taught languages by over 508 million people worldwide.


It is a primary language which is spoken by a lot of people in Indi. Hindi is also the national language of India and there is close to 497 million people who can speak it fluently.


Hola is what you got to say to someone in order to greet them with a smile. Hola in Spanish means hello. This is a well versed language known to around 392 million from across the world.


The Russian language is regarded as one of the most powerful languages from around the world. This language which is widely spoken by more than 277 million across the globe is quite intriguing.


It is the oldest language when compared to most of the languages which is spoken from around the world. Arabic is spoken by approximately 246 million people who also consider it to be a holy language too.


It is one of the most beautiful and sensational languages which is spoken widely in West Bengal. The Bengali language has a beautiful ring to every word in its dictionary. Around 211 million people from around the world speak this language.


'Bom dia' in Portuguese means hello. This is one of the most fascinating and spoken language from around the world. The Portuguese language is very interesting and there are approximately 191 million people who speak the language fluently.


Around 159 million people around the world speak the Malay-Indonesia language in a fluent tone. This language has a lot of dialects which mainly consists of Malay individually.


There are 129 million people from around the world who speak the language of love, French. This language is the most spoken language from around the world since it popular and loved by many. One word from the romantic French language, you can learn is Bonjour which means hello.

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Story first published: Wednesday, October 9, 2013, 17:13 [IST]
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