Ketan Bhagat Talks About Complete/Convenient

There is a new star on the horizon of Indian literature. Apart from an independent writing style and a good story he also has the 'writer genes' in him. We are talking about Ketan Bhagat who is all set to launch his debut novel 'Complete/Convenient' on the 15th of May 2013. He is the younger brother of famous writer Chetan Bhagat. So along with a lot of publicity and recognition, Ketan Bhagat also has to deal with high hopes from the readers.

Boldsky caught up with the debutante Ketan Bhagat to have a candid conversation. Take look at what he had to say about his book, his brother and the business of writing.

Ketan Bhagat

What is your book 'Complete/Convenient' basically about?

'Complete/Convenient' is actually a book that records the emotional journey of men. Men are usually shown having great time with friends or big business tycoons. I feel that their emotional side is not given enough importance. Men have the same emotional turmoil as women, they too cry and go through dilemmas. That is what I have tried to show in this book.

How do you think that the inner journey of men is different from that of a women?

No, wouldn't say its different. I would rather say its the same but we don't get to read about the inner journey of men very often.

The protagonist of your story 'Kabir' seems very similar to you? Is he your alter ego?

Well, it is a heroic version of me. I have taken creative license to present a fantasied version of me in my book. Kabir is very good looking, has lots of friends and a great job. But  at the core he is an ordinary Indian guy. Other than that, Kabir is from Delhi so am I, he goes to Australia to work and so did I.

When you started writing, it was obvious that you would be compared to your brother Chetan Bhagat. Does that bother you?

No, it doesn't. His brand has rubbed off on me and I got some publicity to start with. But other than that, its been a tough road for me just like any other writer. I have been called the 'Sohail Khan of literature' by some critics but I enjoy such comments in a sporting way.

Would you say that your brother Chetan Bhagat inspired you to write?

I am not as talented as my brother Chetan and we do not write about same things. His stories are mostly for the youth. But I am writing about a married man in his late twenties.

After staying abroad would you say that NRI life is not as convenient as we think?

It is definitely convenient but not complete. That is why the title of my book is 'Complete Or (/) Convenient'.

Do you have another book in the pipeline? What is it about?

Well, I can only tell you that my next book will be about the relationship between a father and child.

What is your definition of a 'good read'?

It really depends. I love Chetan's books because they are fast and entertaining. But I also like heavy books like Salman Rushdie's 'Midnight's Children'

What is your opinion about contemporary writers?

What inspires me is the fact that Indian fiction is doing so well. The manager of Crossword (a book store) told me that a majority of books on the best seller list these days are by Indian writers. That means that the Indian consumers what to read a good story. It is a very positive change.

A word of advice for new writers..

You don't need to quit your job to start writing. Our mother didn't stop raising us because she wanted to pursue her passions. So we can also pursue our passion for writing along with our responsibilities. Don't write to earn money or fame; write if you have a good story to tell.

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