Full Bladder Dreams: What Do They Mean?

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Dreaming during sleep is a very natural phenomenon. Most of us agree that dreams have meanings. Your brain does not stop working even when you are sleeping. In fact, the sub conscious takes over your conscious mind during this time. There are various theories used for interpretation of dreams and none are conclusive.

There are also different types of dreams with meanings that go into different layers. Have you ever heard of full bladder dreams for example. You obviously get full bladder dreams when you have an urgent need to pee. Different experts have varied interpretation for these dreams. Here are some of the different aspects of full bladder dreams that you may want to explore.

Full Bladder Dreams

Facts About Full Bladder Dreams

Shallow Dreams

When you are awake and you have an urgent need to pee; can really concentrate on anything else? No, you cannot until the basic needs of your body are met. It is the same when you are asleep. Full bladder dreams are usually shallow dreams they actually are not dreams that have a very deep meaning. All these dreams means that you need to get up and go to the loo.

Dreams of Distraction

Does it ever happen that you are dreaming with a stream of thought and suddenly you break off and start dreaming in a different direction. These are dreams of distraction. Even your sleep, your conscious mind can impinge upon your sub-conscious mind. For example, if you hear strange noises in your sleep, you may be distracted from deep intellectual thoughts hidden in your sub-conscious. Similarly, a full bladder is also a cause for distraction and can divert your dreams.

Dreams of Pain

The urge to go to pee can sometimes become very urgent. At this point of time your body is struggling with the pains of holding a bladder full of urine. So you may dream that you are actually getting up and sitting on a toilet pot to pee. At this point your sleep may break off or you may end up peeing in your pants!


Some people feel that they get their worst nightmares when they have a full bladder at night. There is no scientific explanation for this phenomenon. However, having to sleep on a full bladder is an uncomfortable experience. And this physical discomfort might express itself in the form of nightmares in some cases.

These are the possible meanings and interpretations of full bladder dreams. What do you dream about when you have a full bladder?

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Story first published: Saturday, June 29, 2013, 20:04 [IST]
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