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Benefits Of Being Short

By Sheetal Tewari

Tall order is passé. Both men and women are increasingly falling for partners who are short in height while a distinct advantage enjoyed by short people that cut across age is their own uniqueness as a brand. It is also a way to enjoy their own individuality and they can fit in everywhere. No Pun intended but short people can get into places in the house where tall men and women cannot. Something has been stuck under the table and being short, you can easily bend and pick up the stuff.

Logic plays an important role in decoding the short guy. There is less competition for the short guys and are you listening ladies, five to six women will go for the tall guy, and if your guy happen to be short, you have less competition and you can walk with lover hand in hand without any worry.

How about having a partner who is short? Being short has its own perk as some men and women like to cuddle their partners who are short and the girl-next-door loves tickling her guy who is just like a child. So, short men, there is no reason to hold a grudge against the tall guy because you have an innate edge over your ‘competitor.' Wait! Now the icing on the cake: Short species are found to live longer than their normal-sized peers.

Benefits of being short:

Short guys are the new teddy bears

Who doesn't love teddy bears? They are small, cuddly and easy-to-handle. Women love teddy bears and short guys are hassle-free who take up less space, a sharp contrast to tall guys who spread their arms and legs on the bed. So, enjoy ladies.

Short people gets through hard-to-reach places

Short men and women are like the scooters who get away in the crazy traffic unlike the huge bikes. A short person has the knack to climb to reach areas such as under the table and behind the refrigerator to declutter or pick up stuffs.

Make him desirable for you only

This one is for all the beautiful women. Work out a simple calculation for a moment and think that your short guy will not be in great demand and multiple women will not woo him in relation to the average competition. You get it all easy as he will be desirable to you only. So, go for the short guy and no cat fights over him. Moreover, the short guy will fulfil all your needs like any other guy.

Short is cute

There is a perception that one gets taller as they age. It works both ways for men and women as being short is not only youthful, but cute as well. After all, who doesn't want to hang with someone cute as you look into each others' eyes and says, I Love You.

Short comes in handy

Short women are adored by both their tall and same size guys. You know the secret: Short guys find you appealing since you don't tower of them and the taller ones feel protective as they can nicely hold you under their arms.

Short means perfect legroom

It makes it easier to slink on your seat in the plane as, unlike a tall person, you don't need to over stretch your legs and feel excruciating pain during the six to 10 hours long ordeal. The same goes in movie theater when you don't need to put on the extra effort watching the movie and you take very less space in the yoga class while performing, ‘asanas'.

These are few benefits of being short. Do you agree?

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Story first published: Tuesday, May 28, 2013, 23:31 [IST]
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