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Why Women Go To Washroom In Groups?

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This seems to be a common question among men. I have been asked this question on numerous occasions by male friends and colleagues who seem appalled that anybody would need company to “do their business”. In order to clear the confusion of the men in our lives, I thought, I could clearly list down the reasons why women go to washroom in groups. I might be giving out sacred secrets, but its all right. At least we won't be hounded with this question again.

Why Women Go To Washroom In Groups?

Women love gossip – Yes, we all know that, and the best place we get to do that at peace is the restroom! Away from the prying eyes of our office colleagues or the men themselves, women are free to gossip in the washroom. After all, a lot of our conversations will revolve around such as "that ugly woman in the lift, that cute guy in the cafeteria, or the annoying boss!"

Moral Support – You must be thinking, really? Moral Support while you need to pee?? Well you must remember, we don't go in there just to pee. We do our make up, our finishing touches and we need the support (perhaps to borrow a gloss or some kohl) and the feedback from our friends! One primary reason for women to go to bathroom together.

Women have better loos – You might wonder how I know this, but lets not go there. The fairer gender do have a lot of advantages. Because of its interiors and “ambiance”, we don't mind resting there for a bit.

Emergencies – I don't want to go into the detail of the kind of female emergencies, but you should know that there could be quite a few, both fashion and otherwise.

To beat the boredom – Sometimes, there could be a line and what better way to pass time than chatting with a friend? You might even wish the line was longer!

Bonding – It might surprise you, but a lot of girls, have bonded with each other while discussing about their life problems, ambitions, relationship issues etc. One reason to answer why women go to the washroom in groups!

Photographs – It depends on how chic the restroom is, but a lot of good photographs have been clicked in restrooms. The lighting and the mirrors also help with our photo shoot!

Men, as a contrast, have a very different approach while going to the loo. They are focused about their task. They will go in and come out without wasting any precious time. Social gatherings in the restroom is something weird for men. They hesitate to even make eye contact with their “neighbours”. So, there you have it guys! Our big bathroom secrets - unraveled!

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Story first published: Tuesday, May 22, 2012, 14:53 [IST]
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