Why Women Lie?

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Why Women Lie?
There is no doubt that both men and women lie on certain topics. It might be for the betterment of the relationship or for the sake of hiding a secret from others. Everyone lies and this is why, it is a known fact that nothing is cent percent true. But, the twist is, women are considered as big fat liars. It is often believed that women are born liars and they are very smart in this. Well, there can be many reasons behind lying. Even men lie to women. But, if you think women are liars, find out the reasons to know why women lie at times.

Reasons to know why women lie

For the betterment: Sometimes women lie for the sake of saving a dying relationship. Few things or secrets can harm a relationship. Be it love, friendship or family, lying to hide secrets is something debatable. Women think that sharing the secret can harm their relationship, so, it is better to lie and be on the safer side.

Nature: Well, many women have this typical behaviour of lying but remember it is not inborn. It is something adapted. This can be due to the wrong company of friends or the environment at home. You might have come across women who lie for no reason. Sometimes, women lie to get sympathy or portray an image that she thinks would be right for socialising. For example, a married woman saying “I am still a virgin”. This issue can be different if the couple are not happy together. But, in a love relationship, this is a white lie!

To survive oneself: Sometimes, women lie on certain things that they feel can harm the peace. For example, your family might not like to see you partying or hanging around late night with your friends. But, you know you are not wrong and share it with your loved ones at home. The decision takes a turn when you decide to lie by hiding your activities simply because you think you are right at your place and not doing anything that is out of boundaries. One of the common reasons of why girls lie.

To hide her flaw: When you know you are wrong, you try to lie and hide the problem that might creep in as a consequence. For example, a bad habit like smoking is something you will hide. Why? Because you know you are wrong and this flaw can be harmful.

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Story first published: Wednesday, May 30, 2012, 18:12 [IST]
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