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6 Things Men Can't Live Without

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Men and women are two opposite poles. There is always something in between men and women. Men feel they cannot understand women and vice-versa. Several books and gyans have been given to help explain each others nature better but, nothing works out. You need few things to live a life in your own terms. There are few things that men love and they can't live a happy life without them.

6 things men cannot live without:

Things Men Can't Live Without

Gadgets: Men are gadget freaks. Be it a mobile, iPad, notebook, laptop or play station, a guy needs either one or all to live a life like a man! These gadgets are a great time pass for men. A man can live without wife/girlfriend for one day but, life without gadgets is impossible for men. Playing games on play station is one of the favourite hobbies of majority of men. Then how can they live without such a thing?

Dirty video CDs/magazines: Life without dirty stuffs is really difficult for a man. In the room of a guy, you can definitely find dirty CDs or magazines. Men won't admit, but they cannot stay without the supplement of such sleazy items.

Lovemaking: Men and lovemaking go hand in hand. It is their nature to think about lovemaking every now and then. According to many studies, men think about lovemaking at least 5 times a day. This is because of the testosterone secretion that makes them think about it. Men can survive without food for weeks, but surviving without lovemaking or even thinking about it is quite challenging.

Car/bike: Gadget freaks are also crazy for latest technology cars or bikes. New launches in the automobile sector is always observed by men. A man can forget his partner's birthday but, they cannot forget the mileage a new car or bike offers. No wonder, men cannot live without cars or bikes.

Strip clubs: Women are an addiction and men do not mind getting addicted to such a beauty. Strippers tempt a man as this activity is most fantasized by men in their wet dreams. It is illegal in many societies so men might hesitate to accept it. Most of the men can't live without visiting a strip club and flirting with hot chicks.

Space: Men want space in their lives. Too much of interference and poking can easily test their patience. Men love to live life according to their own terms. If you do not give desired space to your man, he will get frustrated and start fighting with you. In worst cases, he will avoid or start hiding things from you.

These are few things that any man cannot live without. Do you agree?

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Story first published: Wednesday, July 4, 2012, 14:51 [IST]
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