Silly Ways To Save Money On Groceries

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Save Money Groceries
Just think about it; what is your major expense for the month? Apart from your house rent it has to be your groceries for the month. Most often you end up spending more than you want to on groceries and thus you have to spend less than you can on a pub or a movie. What if you could save money on groceries? Actually you can do it because it is one of best ways to save money. So now your personal budget can include a lot more entertainment and a lot less household stuff.

To save money on groceries you need to follow a plan that will make it work for you. Here are the high points of it.

How To Save Money On Groceries?

1. Buy In Bulk: You may feel we are fooling you but you will realise with some research that this is the most honest way to save money that we are going to mention here. Compare the prices of the smallest file of shampoo with the largest one. Now see the amount you are getting for the price you are paying. Whenever something is produced in bulk it becomes cheaper; it is the most basic rule of economics to manage expenses. So be smart and buy bulk as it is a great way to save money.

2. Fix A Budget By Only Essentials: Often we have no idea what we would like to have for the month. When that happens we randomly pick stuff because we have no fixed budget. Set a budget for yourself before you go grocery shopping. Every time you pick something calculate how much is left from your budget reserve. This way you will pick only what is absolutely necessary for the month.

3. Go To A Shop Not A Mall: Well sounds old fashioned and also slightly ridiculous because malls give special offers and discounts. Your local grocery shop owner is bad tempered and snaps at you. But then you are forgetting an important point here. When you go to shopping malls then you will pick up ten unnecessary things just because of the visual appeal. When you go to a store you either spell out your list or hand over a written copy so it is a better way to save money on groceries.

4. Buy Everything At Once: If you think that running to the grocery store every time you need something is a good way to save money then you are totally. Do this exercise, write down the cost of all these stray things you buy and calculate at the end of then month; it might even exceed your monthly bill. Buy everything for the month together to manage your expenses. That way you have more control over your personal budget and what you are spending.

Use these money saving tips to save money on groceries and spend elsewhere.

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Story first published: Thursday, February 9, 2012, 17:27 [IST]
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