Insane Ways To Save Your Money!

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To save money via proper channels, you have to make one major sacrifice; you have to 'compromise'. You cannot go partying for eat good food or go for an expensive vacation because you are saving for a rainy day. What if you could be a miser and still get by life with all these goodies too. Is it possible? Yes, it is if you are really smart and know how to take advantage of situations.

Here are some seriously insane ways in which you can save money and enjoy at the cost of others.

Totally Insane Ways To Save Money:

1. Get Too Drunk To Pay:
One thing can help you to be a miser more than anything else and that is the fact that the bill arrives at the end of the drinks. If you grabbing a couple of drinks with friends then usually you pool in at the end when the bill arrives. But if you are totally sloshed by the time the bill arrives then your friends will be too busy getting you home instead of worrying about your share.

2. Credit Card Not Money: Now a days plastic money is really in. You can carry a credit card everywhere to pay for almost anything money can by. But what if the credit limit is over. You can still swagger the credit card for money in peoples faces and then pretend you did not know that the balance has run out. It happens once is a while to everybody so your friends or girlfriends won't doubt it.

3. Be The First One To Jump Out Of A Cab: It is usually the last person coming out of a cab who has to pay the fare. So when you are going for a movie or to meet a friend be the first one to jump out of the cab and head towards your destination in a haste. It will save you the money for the cab fare.

4. Get A Lift: With the prices of petrol rising there is nothing like it if your car breaks down. So even if you can manage to keep your car out of order for a week every month you will be saving tons on a petrol. You can be a miser and still manage to get to office or a party at your colleagues or friend's expense.

5. Go Shopping With Parents: Next time your mom calls you and asks you to go shopping do not decline, take advantage of the situation. Help you parent shop and you just make a sad puppy dog face and keep looking at things you want to buy. If they ask you by you don't buy something for yourself then reply that you are short on cash. You'll have your things.

These were some of the mean but realistic ways to save money without losing much. Try some of these money saving tips in your life and get rich.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 7, 2012, 15:30 [IST]
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