7 Things That British Royals Can't Do!

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Britain has a long surviving monarchy that has an accumulated rules and regulations over the years. As Kate Middleton is the latest addition to the royal family she has had to learn a whole set of things that royals are not allowed to do. Royalty has many rules and some of them might seem quite bizarre.

Here are 7 simple things that royals cannot do because the rules of royalty prevent them from doing so.

Royal Family

Things That Royals Cannot Do:

No Nick Names: The royal family is always referred by their proper royal titles. No nick names are allowed for them. So we might still say Kate Middleton but she is now Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Eat Till The Queen Eats: Royal table rules are very strict. No body on the table is allowed to eat a morsel after the Queen stops eating. In fact, the royal etiquette demands that once the queen finishes a course of meal, no one else should continue to have it.

No Pictures Please: The media of the entire world will be clicking at her but she is not supposed to pose to any magazine covers. The logic behind this rule is that she cannot 'sell' her pictures.

No Autographs: Signing autographs are a privilege of becoming a celebrity. But the royalty cannot sign anything that is not official. This royal rule protects them against forgery.

No Shellfish: There is an old rule in England that the British royal family is never served shellfish so that there is no chance of accidental poisoning. Shellfish can be poisonous in rare cases.

Universal Adult Suffrage: It was the British Suffragettes who strived so hard to bring in universal adult suffrage. But the British royal family does not exercise their right to vote or have any political leanings. This is to ensure that they do not have misgivings with any political party that holds the House.

A Stroll Down The Street: It is impossible for a royal couple to enjoy a quite walk down the street and have an ice cream together. First of all, 'walking' is not a very royal thing to do. On top of that, where will you find the privacy to stroll on the streets? You will probably be mobbed!

Here are some of simple pleasures of life that the royalty is not permitted to savour. So would you trade your 'commoner's' life for a royal lifestyle?

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