Marriage Is A Fashion Show

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More than being an auspicious event or ceremony, marriage is a place to display fashion. Women love to flaunt their sense of style on such occasions. Marriage is a fashion show for everyone, be it the bride, her mother, in-laws or her friends and relatives. Why do you think girls become so excited on receiving a marriage invitation? Well, the reason is just that girls get to display their best clothes and jewellery on such events. Let us see how marriage is a fashion show for all girls.

The Bride- The most important lady of the day is the prime focus of attention. Girls plan for a long time to flaunt their individual style sense on this day. They get ready for all the fashion display on their wedding day. Girls love to flaunt jewellery and that is exactly what they do on this day. Marriage is the greatest day of fashion for them.

Marriage Fashion Show

Friends- On marriage, displaying fashion is the main objective of the bride's friends. "It's my friend's marriage and I have the right to shop!" They get so excited as if it is their own wedding and not their friend's. Moreover on the marriage day they get all the more fashionable as they get to see many eligible friends of the groom. So to impress and show how good they are at fashion, girls have to get dressed well.

Relatives- Even all the female relatives of the bride or groom are eager to flaunt their clothes and jewellery in the marriage. And on the very day they will see what others are wearing and check if their ones are better. On marriage day they display fashion on top relating it to their status and money. Each take great pride in showcasing their personal belongings.

Mother And Mother In Law- The all famous bond since ages! The best part is that even they are the participants in this fashion marriage. Who is wearing a better dress, who is wearing the latest jewellery and who has the best makeup are the few point of comparison and competition. And the best statement that many of them make is "Look at her shoes, so cheap!", "Look her dress and jewellery, so down market!"

Marriage is a fashion show that every girl can win. Girls display fashion and style sense to get all praises and grab all attention. So even you can get ready for this marriage fashion show and win it.

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