Astro Decides Your Hotel Management Career!

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Hotel Management
Hotel Management, one of the highly rewarding careers, offers good pay package and extreme contentment and is relatively a new area when compared to traditional courses like Civil engineering, Mathematics etc.

Hotel management business has seen immense development in India during the past decade and this can be attributed to the huge growth in tourism industry. Although it is true that the aspirant can be trained on the requirements the industry demands, the individual should also possess some interest in the subject.

How To Know A Person"s Interest?
With the help of Vedic Astrology, one can easily understand the fields and subjects of their choice. All they have to do is to analyze their birth chart. For example, the most important thing in the connection between astrology and Hotel Management is the direct application of the course content in the profession. This shows position, aspects and conjunction relationship between the 10th house (describes your career and other long range goals) and 5th house (describes your creative talent and imaginative powers).

Another important feature that gets associated here is with hotel, which provides homely food and other comforts to the visitors. This makes the role of the 2nd house (describes values and priorities you establish throughout life, 10th house and the 4th house (describes your domestic environment, residence as well as the end of various cycles in life) very important in the planetary analysis.

The planet Venus is considered as the significator or Karaka of Hotel Industry and hence a good connection between the 2nd, 10th and 4th house with Venus is a positive indication for studies in hotel management.

To gain more insight in the field of Hotel management, Jupiter"s placement in the birth chart should also be considered. This is because Jupiter plays a significant role as the significator of managerial studies. What astrologers usually look for is the relationship with Jupiter, 10th house and lagna in a horoscope.

If there is a good connection between 10th and 5th house along with involvement of Venus, the native may join professional courses in the field of hotel management. The Mahadasha of Venus is also often found to be favorable for joining hotel management courses.

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Story first published: Monday, February 13, 2012, 9:46 [IST]
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