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Revealing Girls Gossip Secrets

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Girls Gossiping
Men always question, "Why do girls gossip so much?" Well girls are born talkative. Hardly can any guy talk for long hours on anything other than cricket. And if boys happen to overhear a session of girls gossip, they feel how girls can talk about so many useless things. Let me be clear, nothing in this world is useless!! Your wait to know the reasons behind girls gossip is over. Check out the common reasons behind this typical girls behaviour.

Born Talkative: You will barely find any boy doing the talking business when he is in the company of girls. No matter if it is a family gathering, a party or any other occasion, girls can't sit quietly. A man amongst many ladies may feel as uncomfortable as hell for either he will have his cheeks pulled by others or have to answer to their stupid questions which will later become a topic for gossip.

Girls Are Jealous: Well yes, girls are jealous. They are self obsessed and cannot tolerate competition. Why should any one? Whenever they see competition they get annoyed or jealous. It can be a competition in the academic field, love, beauty, style or anything else as such.

Love To Discuss Others Personal Lives: According to most of the girls, there is nothing more interesting to discuss than someone’s personal life. Break-ups, divorces, money, fashion, affairs, jewellery etc. all find a place in their talks. Girls have very little time to think about themselves. This typical girls behavior makes them a gossip queen! Mind you, not all girls are the same...

Girls Secret
: There are some girlish topics about which they talk within the same gender. They discuss on health or several psychological issues with each other. There are also girlish talks about daily life, daily soaps, movies, movie stars and what not. Make up is also an important topic of discussion among typical women.

Love Sharing: Girls love to share their lives with their friends, family members, and other near and dear ones. They love company and to keep it, they love to talk. Life would be so boring for them without these spicy girlish talks.

Girls gossip a lot but it is completely harmless. A hidden fact about this girls behaviour is, boys like to hear them gossiping.

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Story first published: Thursday, May 24, 2012, 12:41 [IST]
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