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Funny Things Students Do In Class

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School life is filled with fun, stress and lots of activities. When we are in school, we wait for the college days to come. When we are in college, we miss our school life. This is a part of life. Now that we have passed the school stage, we can just recollect what funny things we have done in our childhood. Lets find out some funny things that students do. This article is trying to revive our school days.

Funny things students do in classroom:

Funny Things Students Do In Class

Throwing chalk pieces: This is one of the funniest things that students do in the classroom. While the teacher is writing on the board, students use the small chalk pieces to call each other. Some gutsy fellows throw the chalk on the teacher too!

Sticking notes: Backbenchers always do this funny thing with their fellow classmates. Sticking funny notes on the back of the friend is nothing new. Read "I am a fool" or "I love..." note on the back of your classmate's shirt??

Drawing on the desk: We all have this bad habit of drawing on the tables and notebooks. When students get bored in the classroom, they start exploring their drawing skills. Drawing their names or faces of hot chicks is a common time pass of students. Have you drawn your name on the table??

Sing while greeting: As soon as the teacher enters the classroom, students stand up and loudly sing, "Good morningggggggg". You do not need to sing with a lazy tone.

Spoiling the shirt: As mentioned, drawing becomes a new hobby that students develop in the class. Many backbenchers have the bad habit of drawing on the shirt of their classmates. Drawing funny sketches is one of the silly things that students do in classroom. However, removing these permanent stains becomes difficult and can lead to fights too. So be careful before trying your artistic skills on classmates.

Spilling ink: Students love to spill ink on their classmates. Many students spill ink on their classmates sitting in the front chair intentionally and then say, "I am extremely sorry!"

Throwing water on the seat: When the student in the front row gets up, many notorious students throw water on the seat. When the students sits down, their bottoms get wet and this becomes a funny moment for others..

Drawing teacher's face on the board: Students who hate their strict teachers always try to make fun by drawing funny sketches of their teacher on the blackboard. This funny thing is done just before the particular teacher enters the classroom!

These are few funny things that students do in the class. What have you done? Do share with us...

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Story first published: Monday, November 26, 2012, 13:24 [IST]
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