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5 Fun Things You Did As A Child

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In the midst of this boring and humdrum life, you must have sometimes thought that "How fun was childhood!" Those were really the golden days of one's life that are never going to come back. The only thing that stays back are few forever to cherish childhood memories. There must have been many fun things that you did as a child. How many of them can you remember now? Here we are making a small effort to take you back into those magical moments once again. Let us see some fun things that most of us did as a child.

Make Bubbles- Loved making bubbles, right? Most children love to make bubbles be it out of their shampoo or just soap water. And if you have kids then you will probably find them doing the same. As children we all loved to make froth out of soap or shampoo and then cried out when it reached our eyes. And why forget bubblegums? A pump in a dollop of chewing gum into your mouth and start making bubbles out of it. Almost everyone loved doing these fun things as a child and hated when were poked by elders.

Fun Things To Do As A Child

Paint Walls- This was undoubtedly one of the favourite things to do among all of us when as kids. Be it a chalk or pastel colour we used to love painting the walls of our house in all hues. Starting from ' A, B, C...' to the images of houses, trees and a river you can find them all. And if you agree on doing the same in your childhood then you should think twice before scolding your children for the same.

Tiffin- There is no actual tiffin break for kids. Having tiffin whenever you felt hungry was one of the most fun things to do as a child. Most of us must have done such fun as kids. Stuffing food into our mouth as soon as the teacher turned/ his or her back seemed real fun to do as a child.

Pranks- Why forget the pranks?- After all it is one of best fun things to do as a child. Be it putting a tail at the teacher's back or hiding the books and copies of friends. No matter what prank you played as a child at the end of the day it was always a fun thing for everyone.

Have Your Own Kit- Most of the kids have their own special kit of toys. Be it a medical kit of toys or dolls. They love carrying it wherever they go. Most kids love to play 'teacher-teacher'. And girls love to talk to their dolls. All this is real fun for a child. All these fun activities during childhood just leave a smile on your face whenever you think of them.

Life seemed so easy then right? There were no tensions and responsibilities to bear. But change is the only factor constant in life. So it is always better to keep in mind the sweet childhood memories and move ahead. The sooner you accept the harsh realities of life the better you will be.

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