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What Happens After The First Rain..


The first rain is welcomed with love as it provides relief from the scorching summer heat. But, it also marks the starting of the rainy season or the season of muck and puddles. We might have mixed emotions about the monsoon season as such, but the first down pour is always welcomed. However, this change of season has some unknown implications for us. You will not notice these small changes, unless you are a keen observer.

These are the unique things that happen after the first rain of the monsoon season. They affect our lives in unforeseen ways.

After The First Rain...

1. The tap water turns cold. We are used to turning the tap on and splashing water immediately. In the beginning of the rainy season, this habit often gives a few cold shocks. Cold shivers run down our spine as we realise that the tap water has suddenly become chilled.

2. Your car or bike skids. No matter how strong your breaks are, cars and bikes start skidding on the wet, slippery roads. You need a heavy shower to wash it away.

3. The sweet smell of the soil. Apart from feeling the rain water droplets on your palm, you can literally smell the first rains. When the first water droplets quench the thirsty earth, a unique sweet smell emanates from the soil.

4. Traffic jams get worse. No matter how much we love the rainy season, we cannot deny the fact that it causes minor to major inconveniences. If you leave your office at 6 on a beautiful rainy evening, then your pleasant mood is sure to get spoiled by the break neck traffic you'll face.

5. You catch cold. Almost everybody who goes out to experience the first rain comes back sneezing or coughing the next day. The first shower of the monsoon season is particularly harmful for your health because it washes down all the impurities in the atmosphere. Never get wet in the first shower of the season.

The first monsoon rain signifies the change of season, and thus, we must observe all the little changes it brings into our lives. What else happens after the first drizzle of the monsoons? Share what you have noticed.

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Story first published: Wednesday, May 2, 2012, 15:11 [IST]
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