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What Your Favourite Ice Cream Says About You?

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Everyone has a favourite ice cream flavour they can die for. The favourite flavour for one can be chocolate while for the other it might be vanilla or strawberry. But apart from taste and beautiful colours, there is much more to ice creams. Your favourite ice cream colour says a lot about you. There are various ice cream flavours available in the market these days. But here we will discuss only about the most popular ones.

Dark Chocolate- Well, is dark chocolate your favourite? Then this dark colour says a lot about your personality. You are a person filled with fun and love to party. You always believe in working towards and getting what you want or wish in life. People who fall under this category love to lead their life till extreme and carry a sense of style that make others jealous. The only drawback is you get tempted and carried away very easily.

Ice Cream

Vanilla- This is one of the ice cream flavours that is loved by many. This flavour says that you are a straight forward person and do what you believe in. You have a deep love towards bright colours and set high goals for yourself. Vanilla makes you a vibrant, daring, impulsive and idealistic person by nature. You find comfort in a secure relationship and don't like much changes happening around you.

Strawberry- If strawberry is your favourite ice cream flavour then your heart is as beautiful as its colour. Having a logical mind in possession you can work efficiently and excel in multi-tasking. The best part of your personality is that you have complete faith on yourself and do not think about what others have to say about you. Though you are very committed towards relationships, the only think that lacks is your unsocial and shy behaviour.

Butter Pecan- Butter pecan is one of the most famous ice cream flavours. People who like it are perfectionists and born leaders. They love to take the lead and are detail oriented. Being conservative and ethical you always go by the rules. Your personality defines you as an introvert and the one who cannot express their feelings.

Mint- If mint is your favourite pick then you are a practical and rational person. Mint lovers are also tough and confident. Being loyal and dependable you will make some lifetime friends and share a tough bond of love with your family.

So, it is not only your taste buds that makes the choice of an ice cream flavour. Your personality works in it too. Check your personality and share with us.

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