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How To Excel In Your Group Discussions?

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Group Discussions
Gift of the Gab is not something that everyone has. Some people are blessed with it and are fortunate enough to excel in group discussions anywhere and everywhere. But, some hesitate and cannot excel in group discussions with much ease. Group discussions (GD) are an important part of job interviews these days and a prime opportunity to show off your skills to your employer. First impression always last long and this is what you should aim at. Let us get familiar with a few tricks to excel in group discussions.

Keep a Track Of Current Affairs: Keeping a track of all current affairs is very important. To excel in your group discussion, you do
not need to labour hard for it. Grab a newspaper or magazine whenever you have time and go through it. A thorough reading of the newspaper keeps you informed of all the happenings around the world.

Practice: Practice is the key to perfection. If you have a problem of speaking up in public or starting up a discussion, talk to your
friends or family members. Generate topics and keep talking to them about it. This will cure the cold feet that you have for public

Grab Initiative: To excel in group discussions, grab the initiative of starting up the discussion as soon as the topic is laid before you. Do not be over enthusiastic, but be calm and gentle while starting up the discussion. Your positive aspects can be highlighted when you take a lead in starting the discussion. It not only shows that you can lead with efficient managerial efficiency but, you also your skills to make people listen to you in a discussion.

Be Precise And Not Argumentative: Group discussions are short and time bound events. You need to be very precise about the points that you bring forth in the discussion. Such discussions are to evaluate your confidence, patience, soft skills, leading skills and convincing abilities. Hence, you simply cannot afford to quote instances from the past. Be clear in your views and do not rise to be argumentative as it throws a negative impression.

Positive Body Language And Expressions: A positive approach matters to a great deal. Ensure an impression which tells that your positive approach can tear through all tough times. Any negative emotion or body language can throw a bad impression on the recruiters. Even if you are feeling nervous or stressed, try not to show it and rather colour it up with your confidence.

Dont's: You should be very careful while speaking. Do not use any kind of abusive language or abbreviated forms of words like 'wanna', 'guys', 'gals' etc in a group discussion. Do not disrespect, raise fingers or frown at others in the midst of the discussion. It shows signs of a negative influence.

Warm up yourself to excel in group discussion with these points and you will surely achieve success in your group discussion round.

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Story first published: Monday, June 4, 2012, 14:05 [IST]
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